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How I Plan for a New Month


Today I will be sharing how I plan for a new month.

I believe in monthly planning so much. It has always been a habit of mine to take a look at the past month and set new goals for the new month. For me a new month is like a reset time. It’s an opportunity to be better. 

In the area of finances I always do these 7 Money Moves to Reset, Refresh and Get Ahead. Whereas, in life here’s my monthly planning process:

1. Review the Past Month

How I plan for a new month starts with a monthly review. I take a look at the month that has passed and determine the following:

What were the accomplishments and highlights from this month?

What worked and didn’t work for the month?

Am I happy with how I spent my time?

What  I want to accomplish for the new month?

2. Calendar Planning

Next, is to plan the events for the new month. I open my Google Calendar for the new month and take a look at the work deadlines and personal events that I need to attend to. I also take a look at my email and see whether there are scheduled meeting invites I missed. 

3. Bullet Journal Set Up

Once I’m done with my digital calendar, it’s time to set up my bullet journal. I’ve been using the bullet journal system since 2015 and it has taught a lot of valuable lessons when it comes to time and project management. I have never departed with the system ever since. 

Anyway, I have a full video on how I do my bullet journal set up for a new month HERE

The key pages I don’t miss are the Monthly Calendar, Habit Tracker, Time Tracker, Content Tracker, Braindump Page for Monthly Tasks, Goals and Projects and lastly my Weekly and Daily Pages. 

4. Plan out My Monthly Tasks, Goals and Projects

Once I have my bullet journal set up done, it’s time to fill it out with the plans of the new month. I make sure to select my goals for the month and make a rapid log of the deadlines and tasks I have to accomplish for the month. 

My Monthly Tasks, Goals and Projects will always be between Work (my full time job) and Personal (a mixture of my life, blog and other side hustles).

5. Populate My Content Calendar

For my Content Calendar I keep both a digital copy (Google Calendar) and paper (Bullet Journal) for the blog posts I plan to release for the month. 

I have two active blogs at the moment so it’s really important that I keep a tracker to help me stay as consistent as possible. 

As messy as it can be since sometimes I don’t follow the posting schedule I intend to, having it on paper helps me so much for some reason. The left side is for blog content and the right side is for Instagram. 

Every month my goal is to publish 10-12 posts on each blog - and and post at least every day on Instagram. 

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7. Getting into the Week

I also try my best to break down my goals and projects on what I can do for the week. For example if my goal is to publish 12 new posts on this blog, I know what days of the week those posts must be up. That way I can also work in advance to finish writing, editing and posting them.

I’ll include my top three priorities for each week so that I know exactly what to focus on.

That’s basically how I plan for a new month. 

I want to put a disclaimer that I am not perfect when it comes to sticking to plans especially for the month. But it’s all about progress. I believe I keep on getting better every single month, week and day. 

To more productive days ahead!



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