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Where To Get Post Ideas For Your Blog


Today I'll share with you where to get post ideas for your blog.

I have about 500 blog posts already published. 

And this is for this number is for this blog alone. 

I also have around 500 more posts published in my personal finance blog,

But I also run out of blog ideas to post. Sometimes I feel like the topic has been blogged over and over again and it would be boring to post another one.

However, consistency is one way you can become a successful blogger. You want to show up to your readers at least every week. And the only way you can be consistent with your blog posts is to have a running list of ideas. I have shown mine in blog set ups before.

A running blog post ideas is set to help you at times when you don't know what to blog about. They can be as simple as writing prompts or real post ideas from several sources. 

And so today I will share to you how I get my blog post ideas!

Read a lot 

With a personal beauty and lifestyle blog that I have I need to really read a lot if want to have post ideas for the next week or weeks to come. 

I mostly read my favorite local blogs to see what they've been up to lately. If I find an interesting post I get inspired to do my own spin to it. Here are my Top 10 Local Beauty and Lifestyle Blogs for daily dose of post ideas. 

Another site I visit is Bloglovin' where most of the people I follow are UK bloggers like Vivianna and Carrie. I love how simple their blogs are but filled with beautiful, interesting and well-written posts. If you are a blogger I highly suggest go over Bloglovin' so you have an easy access to some of the best blogs there is.  Reading blogs and/or reading in general will help you accumulate blog posts. 

Resource Books

Since I manage a niche blog in personal finance I have to make sure that what I post is based on the truth. Resource books are helpful for me to get post ideas and even an outline of how the post will be. 

If you go over SavingsPinay you'll find my posts to be longer nowadays that's because I am slowly transitioning SavingsPinay into a resource blog rather than a personal blog. I wanted to publish more valuable contents. Books on the particular topic you blog will surely help.


Well anyone with a beauty blog will agree that shopping is just inspiring in a whole new level. You shop for items and get a lot of post ideas instantly. For example I shop on a monthly basis and most items I can feature in a haul post and then review each of the product that will be up in different days. I also use different product in a tutorial which is another blog post idea for you.  


People close to me will know how much I love Google. It has been my life for so long and especially now that I became in love with blogging. I just type "Blog Post Ideas for a Lifestyle Blog" and there will be a list of posts from amazing bloggers that show up. What I do is copy and paste them on an Evernote Notebook. You can also check out the blog post ideas list I created HERE and HERE.

Questions, Suggestions and Comments from Others

I love receiving comments from a post in my blog. Whenever there are suggestion or comments on a certain blog post I take that as a new blog post idea. 

In SavingsPinay I even started a Reader Question post where I feature an email from a reader about their financial problem or money matter that needs enlightenment. 

If you've read My Weekly Blogging Routine you'll know when I normally collect blog post ideas and inspirations for my blog. I also shared in the said post how I was able to maintain two blogs that are in different niche even with a full time day job and sidelines here and there. 

If you just started blogging and find yourself in the middle of writer's block then I hope this post helped you to regain focus. Having a lot of blog post ideas even if some may not even become published is very important to maintain a successful blog. 

Hope you liked this post. Let me know in the comment section below your thoughts and opinions. 

Are you a blogger too? Please leave your website link in the comment below. I love finding new bloggers for inspiration.

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