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August 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up


Today I’m sharing with you my August 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up. 

If you want to see how I set up my bullet journal for 2020, click here

Since 2018, I’ve kept my bullet journal set minimalist. I started keeping my bujo as functional as possible, keeping only the basics layout. Which in turn leveled up my productivity. Hooray!

I thought for 2020, I will start publishing my monthly bullet journal layout again. You can follow me on Instagram to see more of my bujo set ups.

August 2020 Monthly Calendar

This month, I put a lot of consideration in saving pages of my Leuchtturm1917 notebook in terms of coming up with my setup.

I decided to combine my Monthly Page or calendar together with my Goals, Tasks and Projects for the month. This saves space considering I don’t have that much event/appointments for the month. 

How I divided this page is on the left side I have a mini calendar which I filled in with important events. Below that I put specified the said events followed by my top goals for the month. 

Right side is a rapid log of my Monthly Goals, Tasks and Projects for August 2020. This page has been the very brain of my bullet journal for years. I love that I can dump all of the goals, projects and tasks I have in one page. I love pouring them all out as it helps me become more productive. 

August 2020 Content Calendar

This page is just my lifesaver when it comes to staying consistent in blogging. Last month I was able to publish two weeks of daily posts on my instagram page @izzaglino

Although I planned for 30 Days of Content, the sudden death of my Lola Conching really brought me to an abrupt stop. My productivity for July was really low which I plan to make up to this month. 

August 2020 Habit Tracker

For my Habit Tracker for the month I used the same layout as I did last March 2020

The upper tracker is for productivity and mood while the lower tracker is for my everyday habits. 

I’m definitely not perfect when it comes to sticking with my habits but I still keep this Habit Tracker as a reminder to fight and stay on track.

August 2020 Time Tracker

For my August 2020 bullet journal set up, I decided to drop the full page meant for my Monthly Time Tracker. The reason for doing this is because I made a new Weekly and Daily Page set up and I thought of combining the time tracker there instead.

August 2020 Weekly and Daily Pages

I’ve been using the same Weekly and Daily Pages for almost all months of 2020 and I really felt like I already found the set up that works for me. 

However, I still decided to experiment and try out something new for the month of August 2020 since I just have few pages left. Thankfully, this setup has been working as well for me.

On top are boxes for main areas of my life right now where I include goals/tasks of the week.⁣

And then below the boxed dashboard are my dailies. What’s nice about this new set up is I have a space for a Weekly Review.

That’s it for my bullet journal set up.


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