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5 Powerful Weekend Habits

Today is all about powerful weekend habits. 

Do you love the weekends? 

Personally, I view weekends as a great way to get ahead. I use Saturday and Sunday to blog in advance whenever I can. These are two productive days I spent writing, editing and scheduling posts. If I fail to take advantage of the weekend I will surely have no posts for the coming week. This is because my weekdays are spent entirely on my day job. 

Here’s what a powerful weekend is for me:

  • Blog posts for the coming week are done and scheduled

  • Social media posts for the week are done and scheduled

  • Make a general to-do list for the coming week

  • Do a Weekly Review

  • Socialize to family and/or friends

  • Pamper Day!

A powerful weekend for me includes a balance of work and self-care. As I go into my week on a Monday morning I want to feel productive, happy and empowered.

All it takes is a well-defined weekend habits. With these powerful weekend habits I want to make the most of your weekend. I want you to set a strong base for the coming week ahead. 

Let’s begin. 

Review the week that has been

One of the key weekend habits I have been doing that helps me get better is doing a weekly review. I look back on the previous week and take down notes of the accomplishments, the areas I can improve on, the lessons learned, the challenges and how I can be better for the coming week. 

These weekly reflections help me strategize and come up with a better plan of action for the new week. Thus, I avoid repeating the same mistakes. 

Plan your week ahead

This habit has been a crucial one for me, and I hope for you as well! I enjoy a time to plan out my week ahead. I will carve an hour to an hour and a half of a Sunday evening to take notes of my schedule for the week, deadlines, set goals, daily tasks and others. 

When you have planned out the week ahead it gives you the feeling of motivated and well-prepared. It will actually make you excited to conquer a new week. 

Organize and Declutter

Another powerful weekend habit one should adopt is taking a moment to organize and declutter. 

Let’s admit it, a lot of files whether it’d be digital or physical will pile up during the work week. I find getting rid and/or organizing them on a weekly basis as the most convenient and ideal for me. 

Use the weekend to sort out your files and put them in the place where they belong. Delete files that are no longer in need. Empty your Desktop and Downloads Folder if you can as these are temporary locations only. Create folders that will help you find your files quicker. 

For physical clutter, make sure that you start with your workspace. I find a clean and organized workspace makes a huge difference in terms of productivity. 

Practice self-care

One of the powerful weekend habits you shouldn’t miss is to practice self-care. It’s very much OK to reward yourself with some self-love and self-care for the accomplishments of the week. 

Small pleasures such as a pamper night skincare routine, reading a good book, journaling, and/or treating yourself to a nice meal works a lot. It provides you with something to look forward to during a stressful week. 

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Spend quality time with your loved ones

The work week can easily get pretty hectic that we don’t have that much time spent with family and friends. Weekends are a great way to reconnect with friends and family members. 

Spend your weekend to make memories. Cook meals for your family, bond over simple activities like karaoke or watching a movie etc. 

With times like this when we realize how precious life is, we have to be more appreciative of the people around us. 


I hope the 5 powerful weekend habits above help you have the best weekend ever! Don’t let another weekend pass by without you owning it for the better. 

Happy weekend!

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