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Goodbye September, Hello October 2020

It's time to recap what happened for the month of September 2020 with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming months.

September 2020 went by too quickly, wasn’t it? I can’t believe we are now in the last quarter of the year. 

Part of me is excited that the year is ending with the hope of what the New Year will bring. But then the reality is the pandemic is present and can still be present even if we flipped the year to 2021. 

I made a lot of progress on my personal growth for the month of September from Morning Pages, Daily Devotionals, reading and exercise. 

Coming to work on site became therapeutic in a way. It is still scary but we are following an order. 

Also I spent two full weeks with my eldest sister of September which I can’t wait to share with you. 

Here are my January 2020, February 2020, March 2020, April 2020, May 2020, June 2020, July 2020 and August 2020 in case you missed them.

Work on Site Updates

Since the month of August 2020, I’ve been reporting on site for one week and then work from home for two weeks. 

Things I get to enjoy now that I’ve been reporting to the office:⁣

-getting ready⁣
-dressing up⁣
-the drive to and from work place⁣
-the officemates!!!! ⁣
-the chikas and tawanan over lunch! ⁣

-Makati as a whole ⁣

Of course it’s still scary out there but we have to follow orders.

This is the #newnormal for me aside from my parents living with me. Haha

Date with Nica

Finally after six full months I met with Nica again. We were about to meet last month to celebrate her birthday but Metro Manila went back to MGCQ for two weeks. 

We both understand the risk it takes to meet nowadays. We made sure to wear masks all throughout the meet up other than the time we were eating. This happened in the first week of September and almost a month has passed since then.

Personal Growth Milestones

For the month September I put Morning Pages, Daily Devotion, Reading and Exercise as main personal goals I wanted to complete. 

And I am very happy to report that I aced my goal for each. 

I went back to journaling and have been consistently doing my Morning Pages for the month of September. It literally changed the way I spend the rest of my day and even how I approach the new day itself. 

My Daily Devotionals have been on point and super grateful for starting the day with God. 

I also finished reading a new book which has been book 12 out of 20 for the year 2020. I am two books late if I still want to accomplish my reading challenge for the year. However, I will be taking a long leave in November which I’ll probably spend mostly reading at home. 

Lastly for the month of September I did 14 workouts with a total time of 3 hours and 15 minutes. It may seem little I know, but given the past months this has been the best number for me. 

I finished reading The Silent Wife because of consistently spending a hour
before work day begins reading!

I did a total of 14 workouts and spent 3 hours and 15 minutes altogether working out for the month of September! My average time has bee 13 minutes and 55 seconds, not bad right?

Pretty Long Weekend at Viera Residences

Last August I did spend 5 days and 4 nights with my Ate in Quezon City. I always count the opportunity to live with my sister as a vacation in a way. It’s nice to live in a distraction-free area every now and then. 

For September I didn’t miss the opportunity to live with her again and this time it was longer. I stayed with her for two full weeks. 

Blog Update

I haven’t been blogging that much for the month of September. I just had five posts the same as last month which is half of what I used to do.

I am looking forward to a new month and a new opportunity to be productive. 

Here are the posts I made in September 2020:

September 2020 Favorites

Beauty - For September 2020, I’ve been really enjoying Luxe Organix AHA/BHA Cleanser in the morning. I used to love cleansers that give a squeaky clean feeling but because my skin changed so much lately, I long for gentle cleansers instead. This Luxe Organix AHA/BHA is part of the new products I've been trying lately which I will be posting a detailed post soon.


Movie or Show - For the whole month of September I’ve been watching Modern Family on Netflix. I was able to watch the whole first season years ago and enjoyed it so much. After all the K-Dramas I watched last month I thought of seeing a US series instead.


Modern Family has 11 seasons and my plan is to just continue watching each and every episode until I finish the whole show. An episode is just 20 minute long so it’s very doable. 


Song - I don’t have that song on repeat for September 2020. I did create a Top 25 songs playlist on my Apple Music which I’ve been listening to on-repeat. 

Looking Forward Next Month

And now it’s October. Wow! September really flew by too quickly. 

I don’t have any planned events in October but I am working on my overall goals for the year. As this is the last quarter of the year already I wanted to make every single day count. I still have soooo many things to do. I want to finish the year strong with what I can control.

I have high hopes for the month that’s about to come. 

I hope you are staying safe with your loved ones.

Thank you for reading.

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