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6 Productivity Tips for Bloggers

When I decided to pursue blogging, my goal was to simply share my story. Little did I know that blogging will be life-changing. Currently, I maintain two blogs - a personal finance blog at and this personal lifestyle blog,

Productivity as a blogger is important especially if you are like me who also have a full time job. It’s harder to be productive, especially with distractions happening here and there. But through the years I adapted some tricks to better balance my time and stay productive as a blogger. Today I’ll be discussing each tip in this post. 

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1. Braindump

I’ve talked about brain dumps in this blog a couple of times and I can’t emphasize how ideal it is for a person to write down his/her thoughts as a habit. Doing daily brain dump as a blogger either via pen and paper or a smart app, will refresh your mind. This opens up for new ideas on what to write next and makes it easier to schedule your tasks and get them done. 



2. Create a To Do List

Maintaining an effective to do list is an important productivity tip for bloggers as well. Having one will help you in prioritizing what needs to be prioritized. Becoming a blogger entails plenty of admin tasks such as writing content, generating images, layouting, publishing posts and marketing on social media. 

3. Know your Prime Times

Choosing a blogger’s life means spending time with tasks that will be daunting for you. Knowing your prime time will help ease this. Prime Times refer to time in the day when you are at your peak, you feel energetic, productive and efficient and everything just gets done. 

My prime time has always been between 8am to 10am, 3pm to 5pm and 9pm to 11pm. This means most of my hard tasks are dedicated to the said prime time blocks.  There will be a day when your hours are too short and you feel like you need more time to process everything. The key is to make time on the tasks that matter for you. 



4. Identify and stick to your posting schedule

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to post on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The biggest factor is for you to show consistency in your blog. Your readers will surely have an idea when to expect content if you are consistent with your posting schedule. This will also help you find time to generate content better. How often do you want to publish your posts?

5. Create routines and systems that works for you

It’s important that you create your own blogging routine and system. What makes it easier for you to write and publish a new post? You may also need to use apps that can help you with your productivity. 

6. Read a lot

Another helpful tip is to read a lot. This allows you to be filled with fresh ideas to spice up your blog. Reading other blogs even for just 30 minutes a day will surely help you big time in generating new content ideas. Not just with content but also with other tips you can do to be a better blogger.


I hope these tips help you stay productive as a blogger. Make sure to share your tip as well in the comment section. 



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