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Goodbye June, Hello July 2021

It's time to recap what happened for the month of June 2021 with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming months.

June was a roller coaster ride of the month for me. I went to an overnight glamping with my high school friends one weekend, met with Nica again, and enjoyed a day with my siblings and my pamangkins. Then came the sad part when I got the news that a friend of mine died.

I thought June would be a better and more productive month than May but it wasn't. I still felt unproductive and in a continuous slump. 

Let’s get started with my highlights for June 2021.

Meet up with Arms

One afternoon, my friend Arms messaged me and asked me for a quick dinner. I saw him last during a roadtrip to Breakfast at Antonio’s and since I didn't have anything to do that night, I immediately said yes. 

We went to Cafe Breton in Magallanes and I ordered one of the best savory crepes I’ve ever tried, Excalibur. It has ham, cheese, asparagus, creme, onions and mushroom. It tasted super delicious. We drove through a Starbucks for some Matcha Iced Latte and cookies then went to BGC to just relax in one of the parking spaces there.

I had fun doing that. It was spontaneous and different to the usual coffee shop date. We were at the back of his car talking about our plans in the future. I’m happy Arms and I’s friendship grew especially after high school. 

Didn't know how great this simple set up would be. 

Riverfront Garden Resort

By mid-June I also had an opportunity to spend an overnight stay at Riverfront Garden Resort Maragondon, Cavite. It was a spontaneous trip with some of my high school friends for a birthday celebration. 

Riverfront Garden Resort is a hidden gem in Cavite where you can relax and be one with nature. Included in the facilities inside the resorts are two swimming pools, a kiddy pool, gazebos, glamping rooms, tree house, open cottages, and many more. 

We did an overnight stay with check-in time at 2pm and check-out time at 12nn. There’s a dining place inside so you don’t need to worry about what you’ll eat but you can always bring in snacks and food for a corkage fee. 

I also love that there are a lot of Instagram-worthy spots in the resort.

Date with Nica at BGC

It’s always fun whenever I meet with Nica. From my overnight trip at Riverfront, I went straight to our date at BGC. We had a sumptuous meal and went on a coffee date to talk about life. Nica has been my closest female friend ever and I’m grateful for opportunities we can still meet despite the pandemic. 

Bonding with my siblings

As you all know, I started living alone last April. Since then, I haven’t seen any of my siblings yet. Finally, for Father’s Day all of our schedules got synced and they were able to visit me for a day. I had my siblings coming over from Quezon City, Cavite, and Alabang. 

It was a busy day since I was in charge of almost everything as the host, but I’m glad I got to see and bond with my niece AJ and nephew Lyron. I’m so sad we weren’t able to take a decent photo for that day, sobrang nakalimutan na talaga. But I know it’s not the last time we’ll be together naman. 

Zoom Reunion with my college classmates 

As I mentioned in the beginning, June wasn’t 100% happy. I got the news that one of my college classmates is dead. 

This person was more than just a classmate to me. He was my friend and my seatmate all throughout my college years. He was the one who would lead the conversation among friends, always throwing jokes and catchphrases here and there.

His death was too sudden. It’s disheartening that our first Zoom Reunion as a class happened to celebrate the life of one of our classmates. We were all in denial of what happened. It wasn’t until I visited his wake that I truly accepted he’s gone. 

His death gave us a big lesson to always check on each other no matter what. Life goes on but he truly left a hole in my heart that no one could fill in because he was such a unique person.

Calamansi App Guesting

Before June ended, I did another guesting at Gen Z POV show at Calamansi App. As I mentioned last month,  Calamansi is a new type of social media based on voice. Thank you to Ms. Trina of Calamansi PH for always trusting me. I did a live audiocast on the topic of financial stability and investments for Gen Zs. 

You can download Calamansi on the App Store or Google Play Store. 

Personal Growth Update

My personal growth for quarter 2 has been nothing but low. At this point my reading should have been at 10 already but I only read 4 books. I need to catch up on my reading badly if my goal is to still finish 20 books this 2021. I was too lazy most days not even wanting to get out of my bed! I was sleeping on my alarm and didn’t really have that consistent morning routine. 

Lastly, I only did two workouts for the month of June with an average of 16 minutes per workout. This is way below than the last two months. 

June 2021 Favorites


Beauty - For the month of June, I’ve been using two skincare products which I’m loving so far. I bought Ashen’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Vitamin C Serum which I use back to back. For just Php 500 you have these two serums that are perfect for acne prone skin. 


Movie or Show - For June 2021, I actually didn’t watch any new TV Shows. However, I was able to watch different past films like Bohemian Rhapsody, Yesterday, Inside Out, Coco, and The Greatest Showman. I didn’t watch these films in one day though. 


Song - For June, I had the song Arcade by Duncan Laurence on repeat mode. It was such an amazing song especially with the iconic line “loving you is a losing game.”

Looking Forward Next Month


July has a double celebration in terms of birthdays in the family. It’s my elder sister and my Mom’s birthday. July also marks the first death anniversary of my Lola. 


For July, I just want to get out of the rut. I want to spend time doing actual work for my blogs, YouTube channel, and the launch of the season 2 of my podcast. I need to finally get things done as I’ve been spending so much of my days on lazy mode. 


My prayer, as always, is for the month of July to be another productive month. What would make the month a success if I’m able to do all my blog tasks in advance. 


That’s it for June 2021.


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