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BLOGGING| My Weekly Writing Plan A.K.A. How I Maintain Two Blogs with Full-Time Job

It isn't a secret that blogging has become more than just hobby for me now. I spend most of my days thinking and doing tasks for my blog. Even when I am at work I mostly sneak a few minutes to check my blog stats, reply to emails and read other blogs for inspiration. That's how much of an obsessed I am.

Blogging gave a whole new meaning to my life. Its something I can call my own...a part of the universe that I can claim. It made me learn new habits, develop new skills and improve my writing. Last last week I shared the 5 Things I am Doing Differently for my Blogs this 2016 and one of it is establishing a Weekly Writing Routine. Today I will be sharing how my weekly writing plan goes and I hope its something that will be of interest to you. Let's start. 

The Current Situation

Currently I am active with my two blogs. We have SavingsPinay, a personal finance blog of a common Pinay and this blog IzzaGlino, which is a beauty and lifestyle blog for frugal Pinay. Now maintaining two blogs require tons of time and effort and it is inevitable to fail at some point. I have moments when I only publish five posts a month or I end up doing a quick post without any value at all.

But since 2016 is a year I set to really come clear with my senses I finally devised a writing plan that made my blogging tasks so much easier the past three weeks. I was able to publish almost everyday of the week with a better content and better pageviews result.

My Weekly Writing Routine helped me maintain two blogs even though I have a full-time work that also requires my attention. It also gave fulfillment in terms of spending quality with the content that I publish and giving value to the readers. Here's how My Weekly Writing Routine goes:

Day 1 (Monday)

Monday is a big day for me because its the start if my week. Tasks should be accomplished or else I will be less motivated to work for the rest of week. On Monday morning I normally create individual Evernote Notes for each post that I plan to publish for the week. I put the category together with the working title on top so I can easily see it. I make sure that each title is catchy enough for people to click and visit. After I've written each title I then give a sort of outline on how the body of the post will be. This doesn't have to be on point to what the final post will be.

For example I published My Top 10 Books of 2015 before, the outline I gave for the post is the title of the 10 books that made an impact in my life last year. This way I have a better view on how the post will be. Another thing I don't forget is to type a call-to-action at the end of the article in a form of a question. 

Day 2, 3, and 4 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays are my writing nights. I fill in with as much information as possible the outline that I did on Monday. I write freely and continuously not minding the grammatical errors, misspelled words etc. I also try to write as much post as I can in the three days time because if not I will definitely have to rush on the weekends for the posts.

I firmly believe that content is the king when it comes blogging. People will come back if your content adds value so I make sure to post quality ones. I don't limit myself as to how many words per article will be but I do have some templates already set on Evernote. 

For example all of my Product Reviews follow the same format. This make my writing process way easier because I can start the post right away and not worry how to start or end the post. Same thing with my Life Lately posts which follow one definite format.

Day 5 (Friday)

Friday is the day where I go over each post and paste important links. Its also the best time for me to proofread the posts, read it aloud and see whether I love how it looks. On Friday night I also start doing the images on Canva for SavingsPinay. I just choose a background, add texts and of course the link of SavingsPinay. Canva is one site I am super thankful I found out last year. Finishing all the photos that will go in blog will make sure that everything goes smoothly as I start putting them on Blogger. 

Day 6 (Saturday)

Saturday is the next busiest day for blog. This is the time I take all the product photos for IzzaGlino and lay out each posts on Blogger. The goal on Saturday is that all posts are already scheduled to publish.   

I also catch up in reading my favorite blogs and trying to comment on their post. Socializing is one of the crucial task of any blogger. You need to be in the zone, part of the blogsphere. I mostly find amazing and inspirational blogs through Bloglovin'. For local blogs I just visit and read blogs of the people I follow. READ: 10 Beauty and Lifestyle Blogs I Love

Day 7 (Sunday)

I spend Sundays planning next week's content. I go over my Google Calendar and see the topics that I am supposed to blog next week. If I feel like the topics are not timely anymore or I have better on my mind I make changes. 

I also do some admin tasks on my blog like tidying my desk, file documents and photos by folder and scheduling important dates for next week.

Lastly I review how my week went in terms of blog and you can see it on my Life Lately posts. I take note of what work for me this week and what didn't. I also try to write down some goals for next week which always feel awesome.

The Resolution

Now not all week are the same though so it will never be a perfect week for anyone. On Week 2 of January I got fewer posts and didn't follow the Weekly Writing Plan but never ever fret. There's much room for improvement and soon, I know, it will be like a routine. 

If this post helps you then comment below or share your own writing plan with me. I've more PRODUCTIVITY posts on my other blog, SavingsPinay that you could visit. 
I hope this post helps.

Are you a blogger? How do you write your posts? Leave your blog address in the comment section below.




  1. ah that is awesome post, learn a lot from this one sigle one post, my blog is , on my way exploring your content,thanks.

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  3. Hi! I am a newbie in this field and just finished doing the layout of my website. Gusto ko talaga magblog highschool pa lang but it looks complicated. Ngayon I have my goal and mission. Super inspired ako because of you! I hope you can visit my site in the future kung madami na akong contents hehe! Hope to see you! here's my blog. Hindi pa sya launched though. God bless!