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August 2021 Bullet Journal Set Up

Today I’m sharing my August 2021 Bullet Journal Set Up. I missed sharing my bullet journal set up last month but my setup hasn’t changed that much. 

If you want to see my 2021 Bullet Journal Set Up, click here. Should you need more bullet journal inspirations, follow me on Instagram.

August 2021 Calendar

As usual I’ll start with the Monthly Calendar. I’ve been using the same calendar set up since January 2021 began. 

For August, I decided to decorate my monthly calendar. I used highlighters for the duration of the Enhanced Community Quarantine Season 3 and paydays. I remain the color coding purple for personal events including blog and business, red for work, and black for random notes.

I’m planning to write more in this calendar as the days go by. Maybe a line or two of my daily highlights.


August 2021 Goals, Projects and To Dos

The August 2021 Goals, Projects and To Dos has been the very page I constantly refer to as I plan my weeks. It’s a big brain dump of what I want to accomplish whether at work or personally for August.

August 2021 Content Calendar

This page is where I plan out all of my blog and Instagram posts. I still don’t have a lot written yet when I took a photo for this post. This content calendar is completely filled out now.

August 2021 Weekly Spread

I changed my weekly page from what I’ve been using since January 2021. I got a bit bored and constrained with the weekly pages that I’ve been using in the last seven months and decided to adapt the rolling weekly. 

I included boxes at the top so I can still write down my main tasks and goals for different areas of my life. At the bottom I have the freedom to plan out my week.

That’s it for my August 2021 bullet journal set up.

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