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Goodbye July, Hello August 2021

It's time to recap what happened for the month of July 2021 with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming months.

July went by faster than expected. Since March, I’ve been working from home because our office was under renovation. Finally, our new office was ready and we went back to working at site.

I still felt unproductive and in a continuous slump for July especially in terms of blog and social media posts. But there are other areas where I've made a bit of progress. I worked for a new paid product and I got back into my personal development routine - morning pages, devotion, and reading. 

I feel motivated again and I do hope that it will be better and more productive for August.

Let’s get started with my highlights for July 2021.

Sushi Date with Jessa

July started with a lunch date with Jessa, one of my small group members. I briefly talked about her in this post. I was craving so much sushi and so was Jessa. We went to Koku PH in Makati and had such a sumptuous meal. I’m writing this down and wanting to eat sushi again. 



At-Home Samgyupsal with Shan and my Lolo

Another highlight for July is the at-home samgyupsal I had with my favorite cousin, Shan and my Lolo. It’s another craving satisfied! We had a great meal and kwentuhan together. Shan has always been my strength since we were younger. I love her so much and she’s one of my biggest supporters in everything that I do. 

My Lolo was actually staying with me for the first two weeks of July and it was part of my highlights as well.

Got vaccinated!

Before July ended I got vaccinated with my first dose of COVAX. Really grateful for the provision of the vaccine especially now that things are getting worse. I am hopeful my siblings will also have their schedule soon for the vaccine.

Personal Growth Update

Since April, my personal growth has been nothing but low. I’m so behind on my reading challenge. I wasn’t as consistent in my morning pages and devotion. 

But the last week of July went really well. It feels A-MA-ZING when my personal growth routine is consistent. I had a total of five workouts for the month with an average of 17 minutes per workout.  

July  2021 Favorites


Beauty - I have a makeup favorite, finally! I am loving the Happy Skin On the Glow Instant Complexion Perfector Moisturize + Blend. It’s just the best foundation for everyday use. It blends to the skin smoothly and I love how dewy the foundation is and the subtle coverage it provides.  


Movie or Show - For July 2021, I went into marathon mode on Slam Dunk. Yes! The anime we used to watch in the afternoon during our elementary days. I finished all 101 episodes available including the unreleased ones available on YouTube. Right after, I started watching Knock Out which is about boxing. Super love playing these anime as white noise when I’m working. 


Song - For July, the songs on repeat in my playlist have been those of SF9. SF9 is a KPop group that I’ve been supporting so much nowadays. I love their songs like Echo, Round and Round, Summer Breeze, and their new song Teardrop.




Looking Forward Next Month


August is starting off bad as NCR is back in ECQ. This halted two plans I had for August, an overnight trip and spending a full week with my sister for her birthday.


For August, I want to make sure I have at least 6 new blog posts published. I know I've been missing in action since April and gusto ko talaga bumawi. I am also working on releasing a paid product by the 3rd week of August. Stay tuned for this!


Part of my long-standing tasks are publishing a new YouTube video, releasing the final episode of The SavingsPinay Podcast and working on Season 2. I also want to read and finish 3 books.


August is all about being productive and getting back to routines. For the whole month I will be working from home and I want to use that time to work on all my long-standing tasks.


That’s it for July 2021.


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