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Goodbye October, Hello November 2021

It's time to recap what happened for the month of October 2021 with side stories here and there plus things to look forward to in the coming months.

Can’t believe we are already bidding goodbye to October. 

The month of October proved to be eventful with mostly online and work-related meetings and deadlines as well as few personal events I will share in this post. In terms of my personal growth for the month of October, I’ve been great in the area of morning pages, daily devotionals and reading. However, I haven’t exercised that much. 

Let’s get started with my highlights for October 2021.

Overnight Stay of Nica 

October started with the overnight stay of Nica at home. It was my first time to entertain a visitor now that I’m living alone. I spent the week prior just cleaning the whole house and preparing for her visit! Haha. 

Nica has been one of my closest friends. Just happy to serve her during her stay. I was able to cook dinner, provide what she might need, and helped her with her video project at school. It was a nice experience overall.

Mga bagong gising >.< We're wearing twinning pajama sets! Yay!

We had pizza for meryenda


Devo Calls with my Victory Group

In September one of the biggest comebacks happened in my spiritual life. I met with my Victory Group members again and we started doing these Saturday sessions where we go through The Purpose Driven Life. Truly, it’s better together. In our journey to Christlikeness we can never ever be alone. We need people who will surround us in prayer and will become our accountability partners. 

Interview with MoneyTok PH

In the beginning of October, I became a guest at MoneyTok PH on the topic of budgeting in the digital world. It was Facebook Live and I really enjoyed doing it. 

The topic of budgeting is so important. As easy as it seems, budgeting can be a daunting task to many. I have my fair share of love and hate relationships with budgeting.

If you want to watch my interview please check here

Speaking Engagement for Cebuana Lhuillier on World Savings Day

I had a great opportunity becoming a speaker for Cebuana Lhuillier’s World Savings Day event. This time I talked about the importance of saving money and all the doable saving tips I can share. You can also click here to watch the recording of the event.

Release of The SavingsPinay Podcast Season 2

Finally, I was able to release a new podcast episode! I launched Season 2 of The SavingsPinay Podcast. For Season 2, I thought of digging deeper on the biggest money how-to’s. For each episode I will try to answer some of the biggest questions one may have on budgeting, saving money, investing, making extra income, and so much more!

Dinner with Nica and Cata

Before October ended I met with Nica and Cata for dinner. You will really feel that it’s back to normal now with people everywhere. We enjoyed a sumptuous dinner, bonded over some life updates, and bid goodbye.

Personal Growth Update

For October, my morning routine went pretty well. I also finished a book and started reading a new one. I didn’t exercise that much though and I only have three  workouts for the month with an average of 14 minutes per workout.  


October 2021 Favorites


Beauty - For October I don’t have any beauty favorites to share.


Movie or Show - I am still on my Naruto fever! I’ve been watching a lot of past episodes of Naruto on a daily basis. I totally enjoyed the story arcs of Jiraiya’s Death (sorry for spoilers!), Sasuke vs. Itachi, Pain’s Attack on Konoha, and some more episodes from Boruto and Naruto original.


Song - For October, the songs on repeat in my playlist have been those of Ben&Ben’s Araw-Araw and SB19’s Hanggang Sa Huli and MAPA. 


Looking Forward Next Month


November is an exciting month as it is my birth month. I already planned to spend a week at my sister’s in time for my pre-birthday celebration. Also, I’m taking a week long leave at work. I plan to use this time to catch up with blog work. Make sure to batch create content, film as many videos as possible, and work on the podcast in advance.


That’s it for October 2021.


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