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Season's of the Heart Book Launch @ Tropical Suites Malate

Last Independence day, June 12, I had the privelege to witness one of the most touching and inspiring book launch ever. It was my Spiritual Mom's very first book, Season's of the Heart.

The author, Ma'am Lanie Teves, has been the very person who lead me in my spiritual journey as a Christian. She is my mentor and my leader. I am glad because this book has been part of her faith goals and now it has come to life. Finally!!! I am very proud of you Ma'am/Mom.

The book launch was held at Tropicana Suites L.Guerrero Malate Manila. It is near Pedro Gil Station and just walks away from UP Manila campus. 

There was a registration area and we were given a post its for the game. (To which I won) I bought one copy of the book so that I could have Ma'am Lanie signed it. I also believe in this book so much for Ma'am Lanie is. Woman of God. 

Pile of ladies waiting for the book launch to start. The book has a book mark in it and also a fan which has the title of the book.

The book cover itself is very Ma'am Lanie. It has the pink shade and the bitterfly effect that shouts girly-fairytale themed effect. But do not be deceived, this book is a back to back to back powerful stories of faith as one woman waits for God's blesshing unto her heart. I am reserving a full review blog post as soon as I finish this one :)

The pretty author. Shining because of God's love. She has her speech and she talks about her journey writing this book and her powerful message as to what this book is all about. She also gave as a quick overview about the different topics the book will tackle about.

And then comes the book signing. :) Ma'am Lanie will always bring a touch of her love in everything she does. In the picture above she is actually explaining to me so ething to which I will reveal in the propoer book review blogpost. :)

The book launch also became a reunion for me and my fellow college mates whom have known through Ma'am Lanie. She was the reason why my college life expanded. She was the one who believe in me. In my talents. She encouraged me to host and now I am indeed in an awardee. :)

5 years ago we were just these bulilits freshmen and now look at us, all professionals :) 

I am so excited to make my book review. Hope you can have your copy too. It is a must have book for every woman who are in patiently waiting for God's perfect timing. It is a book full of wisdom and full of vision. :)

To order just text Ms. Jen of Seasons of the Heart Team. Her number is 09178345295 :)

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