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My Local BB Cream Collection

I love BB Creams and when local makeup brands started to create its own BB Creams ad introduce it to the market, I am one happy kid. :)

The thing that I love most about local BB Creams or those which are available here in the Philipines is 1. The price is budget-friendly and 2. It is made for Filipina skin tone. Most local BB Creams are below 200pesos which is an awesome fact. Also, most are in yellow undertone that compliments the Filipina skin. I also believe that BB creams created locally for the market suits the Philippine weather too. :)

As of this moment, I have 6 BB Creams from different local makeup lines. They are easy to see on respective kiosks and always available too. Again, the price range is from 99pesos-228pesos so I believe a lot of those who are on tight budget can get a quick overview on what to buy :)

1. Ever Bilena BB Cream- The Ever Bilena BB Cream is my very first BB Cream purchase. I got this in the violet packaging which is very yellow as shown in the picture above. I had a video review for this one too which became controversial. Well, that was shot exactly 2years ago anyways :)

2. Careline BB Cream- The Careline BB Cream, I may say is a much improved version of the EverBilena  BB Cream but for a much cheaper price. This is perfect for college students for it is budget friendly and comes with three different shades.

San-San BB Cream- The San-San BB Cream is one of the cheapest BB Cream that can stand out of its own. It hasa unique and hygienic packaging that I love. It is also very big in size so it lasts for a lifetime. The only downfall is that it is only available in one shade. :( Too bad for those who have fair skin.

Myra E Vita Glow BB Cream- This has been the newest addition to my BB Cream collection. I still haven't done a review for this one because I don't use it that often. Mainly because it has sjphimmers and for an every day makeup, this might be too much. Anyhow, this product is the cheapest among all of my local BB Creams so trying won't hurt that much. :)

Shawill Blemish Balm- This has been my No.1 favorite local BB Cream. I love its price, its quality, its packaging and its everything. This is available in a lot of shades so you won't have a hard time looking. I also made a proper video review for this product on my Youtube channel.

Paintbox by Bench BB Cream- Now this is my current favorite local BB Cream. I love how this matches my skintone very well. The finish is awesome too and I don't have a hard time blending the product on my face. I love the black packaging though it is the priciest among all of my BB Cream collections.

So which one is your favorite??!!!

Hope you guys like this blog post. Thank you so much for reading :)

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