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My Work Week Fashion Inspiration from Pinterest

This was supposed to be my Friday post but since I had tons of things to do, I wasn't able to publish it.

Anyhow, today's post is all about my Fashion Inspirationswhen it comes to Work Outfits. Thanks to Pinterest I was able to  find pictures that will truly give an everyday dose of outfit inspirations. It is hard having no uniform policy since I have to plan my outfit every day. Also, my pairing and matching abilities are to be executed well.

Here are my top picks Work Week Fashion Inspiration Outfits from Pinterest


I love the white and pastel combination plus the gold accessories. I think this will be a great outfit for the start of the week for it looks neat and clean combo.


The color palette is great because it screams casual comfort. The pop of tangerine through the cardigan and simplicity of the brown flats and handbag gives another layer of greatness to this outfit. 


Isn't this a nice outfit?!! Look how th nude pumps compliment the white top plus printed bottom outfit. I hope I also have the peach suit for it is a perfect work outfit staple.


A black cocktail dress paired with tangerine cardigan and leopard flats is a must. This is good to create a fresh and crisp work outfit and very age appropriate too. Love it.


Friday for me and for my work is wash day meaning we can wear outfits that are not of a corporate style. I believe this pic above is perfect because there is the shiny shimmering splendid top paired with dark skinny jeans perfect work day and night life activity. Clutch is perfect too for it balance the outfit well.

Thanks every for reading my Work Week Fashion Inspiration from Pineterest. Have a great day!

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