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Bistro Ravioli @ Glorietta 3

Hello everyone! I am back with another food related blogpost. :) About a week ago I was fortunate enough to be treated by my sister in Bistro Ravioli at Glorietta 3. Bistro Ravioli is famous for of course their Ravioli but they also have a wide selection of pastas, salads and pizzas. They cater brick-oven pizzas that will surely make you drool, not even exaggerating!!!

Since it is my first time eating at Bistro Ravioli, I let my sister order for me. She knows what I want anyways. We opt for a pasta of our choice and a whole pizza.

My sister got Ravioli in mushroom sauce I believe. This one costs 250pesos. It comes with a delicious bread too.

Mine was this Seafood Spaghetti which is so yummy. I love that it has this fresh prawns and clams with a white sauce. The herbs and spices are very yummy too. This one sells for 230pesos, I believe.

For the pizza we ordered the Margarita flavor and I am telling you, this one is so so yummy. I love the fresh tomatoes overload and how the bread of the pizza gives a crunch but still very tasty effect when eaten. 

And that's it for my post everyone! Have a great day!

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