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100Pesos and BELOW Sulit Product: NIVEA CREAM

Nivea Cream

If you notice my Youtube channel at: you will know that I recently had a channel reformat. This is because I wanted to create a Youtube channel that will cater vlogs for Beauty, Finance and Life Course or shall I say the 3 Blogs of IzzaGlinoGroupofBlogs. I hope you check the Monday Beauty here where I shared my Top 10 Products I Can’t Live Without. Stay tune for Wednesday and Friday vlogs too by SUBSCRIBING!

Anyhow for today’s post I will be sharing a 100 and BELOW Sulit Product and it is all about Nivea Cream. This actually reminded me of a joke I once received via text that goes like this:

Dear Anak,            Sa susunod NIDO Full Cream Milk nalang ipadala mo, nagka LBM kasi ang Papa mo sa Nivea Cream Milk. Nagmamahal,----NanayDear Son, Please send NIDO Full Cream Milk the next time you send a grocery package, your Dad had an LBM with the Nivea Cream Milk. Love, ----Mom
Very creamy but easy to apply!

It’s one of the old time joke that I will always remember whenever I see Nivea cream in stands of beauty stores.  But kidding aside when I finally got a chance to hold this product I knew that this will be a 100pesos and BELOW Sulit one.

69.75pesos for 30ml of product!!!
For the price of 69.75pesos this product is great evening moisturizer. It is very creamy and yet it won’t leave a too much of oily face that feels uncomfortable. For me I love letting this stay on my face overnight and then for the morning I will just do my usual face routine feeling my skin soft and smooth.

I also feel that this product helps in making my face look whiter since it is very moisturized and enriched with the Nivea ingredient. This and my Nivea RefreshingToner works well together plus my NiveaMud Foam as face cleanser.

I do feel like Nivea products create a great face routine. Each of their products works well individually or collaboratively.
Just a proof that I use this product very much! :)

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