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Izza Glino Group of Blogs

I love blogging. It is habit-forming for me when I write a blog. Just when I can create a single blog and offer
different items in it I don't like it to be a chopsuey. I want to offer a blog for niches that interest me so I decided to created MULTIPLE BLOGS. :)

I know it sounds crazy and true enough it is a crazy blogging world for me. Currently I manage 3 Active Blogs and each I equally love. Now let me tour you to my virtual world!!! I call this the
  Izza Glino Group of Blogs

First of course is the Mother of ALL my blogs: 
is where I started crafting my works. It focuses more on beauty related matters, product reviews, great finds and hauls. I write update this every week and plan to post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Then I got hooked in reading Financial blogs so I decided to create my second active blog:

it is a blog dedicated to savings, budget tips, financial books reviews and other stuff related to money. I also keep this because I want to inspire other 20-year olds to manage their finances well. I write update here every week too and post every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Since I have to feed my soul, I recently created a blog devoted for my faith and my passion:
in this blog I share my Daily Devotionals, Life Courses or self-help posts, Bible studies where I introduce a topic with Biblical foundation and I also feature an Interview with other believers. This is a very new blog but I plan to update in DAILY! Yes, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Here's a Facebook page you can follow: JourneytoSinglehood (ALREADY DELETED JOURNEYTOSINGLEHOOD!!!!)

Wait there's more. I also created Tumblr blogs. I got a KimJongKookOppa dedicated to my love, Kim Jong Kook, a South Korean singer and variety star from Runningman. My goal is to update this on a daily basis too. But since I write contents that are purely written and researched by me it isn't that updated. Still it got a lot of views and followers in just 1 month :)

My love for books led me in making PahinaPages. I read a book and create a book review. I also update what I am currently reading and also create images of quotes I love.

BLOGGING has given me a lot of new meaning in my life. I love to write hence, my being a Journalism major, but more importantly I love to share a bit of my life to the world. Hope you can visit each site and add to your Reading List :)

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