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Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara Demo Review

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Anyhow without further a do I'd like to introduce to you today's post. I also have a Youtube video of the whole demo and how the product is when applied that you can watch:

I may have said a thousand times in this blog that I do invest a lot of time in fixing my brows. I just cannot leave the house without having my brows done. This too is the situation when it comes to my eyelashes. For me having mascara on the top and bottom of my lashes are like habits. They open my eyes and make me look extra dazzling. 

I actually had a few blogposts and reviews on mascaras here in this blog. I have LA Colors Perfect Curve and Essence Lash Mania. I also used Palladio Lengthening mascara and my all time favourite, Maybelline Volume Express.  But just last month I was able to find out this “Filipino” mascara that a lot of Youtube gurus have been expressing their love for---Fashion 21 Double Up.

Fashion 21 Double Up has been part of go-to mascaras of some famous beauty gurus here in the Philippines. When I decided to finally purchase one, I am in a euphoric mood. I really needed a new mascara since I ran out and of course I need this Fashion 21 mascara so I may review it for you.

The Product Claims to make lashes 2x Longer and Stronger instantly! It also has a new and advanced glide-soft bristles!

What I Love?

  1. This product is good for lengthening the eyelashes. It is true to its claim and you’ll instantly notice your eyelashes lengthen.
  2. It separates your lashes in a natural way. This makes your lashes beautiful but not in an obvious “I-Have-Mascara-On” mode.
  3. The wand. The wand is long enough and the tip is elongated that it grips all of your lashes in one try. It is also nice because it is slim enough to get the formula and black enough to create change in the lashes.
  4. It’s compact and lasts long. I use this almost every day for work and hosting engagements and I still have a lot left. I believe this one though the price is 225pesos lasts longer.

What I don’t Love?

The price is not budget-friendly. I mean for a perspective of a frugal person like me, 220pesos for this mascara is not worthy enough. My Essence Lash Mania is 165pesos yet it is a powerful lengthening and volumizing mascara for me.

TIP #1: Use this after you have curled your lashes for optimum result.

TIP #2: Use cotton swabs to clean any dirt made by excessive use of the mascara.


This product is a good mascara to go for those who like to add it in their personal make up collection. It is also a good investment for makeup artists as it lasts for 4-6 hours. You may get this at Watsons and all leading departments stores.

Have you used this mascara too? Share your opinion in the comment section below!

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