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My Project Pie Experience

Pigging out at Project Pizza Pie has been a big part of my monthly to do ever since I saw their newly built branch at Park Square Makati. The venue maybe small compared to their first branch (I believe) near Mall of Asia Blue Wave but if it offers the same pizza goodness then so what. 

Well seriously, if you are still in doubt about this restaurant then it should be part of your must try before 2014 ends.

So here’s what will happen on your First Visit at Project Pizza Pie.

Expect a long line and full-house restaurant especially if you come in 1. Friday, 2. Sweldo day and 3. After dinner. I don’t If depends on where you are dining out but seeing both MOA and Park Square, this observation is mostly correct.

You’ll get their inforgraphic flyer on how to order. If your curious on how you will order and start your Project pie Adventure then there are there are two choices here.

1. Order by number. Project Pie listed their 7 Best combination with best sellers namely 2, 5 and 7. If you are not that picky and you just want to eat your pizza without too much of a hassle then choose this way of ordering. 

2. Order by choice. In the infographic are all the ingredients or toppings you can choose from sauce (Red or White or simply Tomato or Olive Oil) to cheeses, meats and herbs and spices. Have it as much as you can and just tell the attendant for assistance.

Then you have to pay and wait for name to be called. You will be getting a 9-inch pizza that is cut into four pieces for only 249pesos. Yes… 249pesos ONLY! One order is good for 2.

Other things you ought to Know

  • Unlimited drinks. If you order a beverage you can refill it upto three times!!!
  • Exclusive Bottled Water. I opt to buy their water though its price is 50pesos because it looks so good and you can use it again and again and again.
  • Re-heat your Pizza. If you talk too much and your Pizza gets cold you just go to the counter and ask the attendant to re-heat.


Tip 1: High-priced Ingredients. If you are wise just like what my sister did, she ordered all the ingredients that are sure to be high in price. Now that’s making your 249pesos super SULIT!
Tip 2. Come with someone or a group so you can easily have someone to fall in line and the other one can find the seat.
Tip 3. If you choose to customize your pizza then mark the ingredients that you want. This way you can recall once you are ordering your pizza pie.
Tip 4. Their Nutella plus Peanut Butter sells for only 145pesos I believe. This is a good pizza too because of the delicious crust.
Tip 5: Share you seat to others as a form of kindness for you’ll never know who you will be seated next with. Meand my sister shared the couch with a young couple and it turned out the guy also watched RunningMan and knows my ultimate crush Kim Jong Kook he even went to South Korea and shared to me the process and all. It was a happy conversation all in all.

  1. They’re going to ask for your name but at some point this part of the ordering process takes a lot of time thus, the line starts to lengthen making Project Pizza Pie lost some clients. I guess they should do something for this sad fact.
Example. I was asked by my name so I said “Izza”, the attendant says “Liza?” so I have to answer with “No, Izza” and then he replied “Oh, Riza” AND IT CONTINUED LIKE THIS FOR the next 10 MINUTES until he said “1 custom pizza for Aiza” (see my point here?)

Overall, my Project Pizza Pie first time experience is one of the best. The pizza is great and the toppings will satisfy your cravings pretty well.
Hope this post helped you in a way or two.

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