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IzzaFinds: Office Warehouse Organizer plus What's in my Everyday Makeup Kit?

Hello everyone! I still can't believe that it is already the month of August. After 4 weeks we will be withe the start of the -ber month and a new year begins. How fast time flies when you least expect it to be, right? As early as now, I'd like to express my gratitude for following and supporting my blog. Don't forget to add this blog on your Reading List, ok?!

Anyhow, today's topic is this wonderful item I bought in Office Warehouse that I have been looking for since I started loving makeup. I love my makeup organized because that way I will know what to buy or what not to buy. Thankfully on my recent visit to the mall I found what I need. :)

This makeup organizer retails for only 127pesos at Office Warehouse. It is made of reliable cardboard and they only have one color but with different sizes and variation that you can choose from.

I choose this one primarily because it fits just right. I love that it has a bottom layer that slides to open!!! Also it is not too small and not too big, perfect for my vanity area.

A lot of compartments!!! 
Now I tour you around how I use this item to organize my everyday makeup kit. I like to have this everyday organizer so I won't have to deal with my other makeups thus saving me a lot of time. I put items here that I am currently using or I wanted to try out.
Overview :)

I put all my everyday eyeshadows on top. I have my 1. LA Colors Quad, 2. Revlon Matte, 3. Fashion 21 in No. 19, 4. Catrice Eyeshadow in Mr. Charlie Brown and 5. NYX single eyeshadow in Brown.

Next is for lips and my blushes. 1. ELF Lips Stain in Lucky Lady, 2. Paintbox by Bench in Wild Berry, 3. Touch Me Lipstick in Cashmere, 4. AVON Magic Lipstick, 5. Maybelline Lip Balm, 6. ELF Blush and Contour Kit in Sta. Lucia and 7. Nichido Blush in Cool Rhum.

Next are my essentials. 1. Catrice Eye Brow pencil, 2. Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara, 3. Catrice Concealer Palette, 4. Wet n Wild Coverall Foundation and 5. Catrice All Matte Powder.

For the bottom compartment I put my Sponge from Forever 21 and ELF curler

So that's it for my Everyday Makeup Organizer. I believe this is a good find especially for those who would love to organize their makeup. This actually helped me a lot in my makeup application because it gives me an overview of what to use. :)

Hope you love this post.

My Vanity :)

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