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All About Naturactor

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                                             Naturactor in #151 

When I first heard about Naturactor I am actually in doubt to buy. The very reason for this doubt is the fact that 1. Its way pricier for its size and 2. Its a Japanese product with all Japanese instruction written and 3. It can only be found in online stores like Instagram shops. As someone who tries to practice being frugal, I felt like this Naturactor trend is only for those who have the money to spend.

<img alt="Naturactor">
It's written in Japanese!!! 
But late July I actually stumbled upon this store in Trinoma that sells Naturactor. This is the first thing on mind when I decided to buy, it has to be present in a physical store rather than an instagram shop so I’ll have a personal look on the product. Fortunately this store came in and it can be found in Trinoma.

The selling price for Naturactor is from 600pesos to 700pesos but I believe there are even cheaper. I got mine for 700pesos but I thought it is way better since I don’t have to pay for the shipping fee or wait for the shipment to arrive.

I know for 20grams this could have been a bad idea but to be honest, after a month of using this non- stop for my work make-up (you can find the video HERE), I realize that this is an INVESTMENT. Owning this product has greatly changed my makeup routine for the better.


  •      Small in size but very concentrated so a little goes a long way
  •          Helps in covering blemishes. I can say that this is medium to heavy coverage
  •          It gets better the longer it stays on the face. I notice that my face looks better and better as the time goes by. I feel like it absorbs the makeup pretty well
  •          Acts like a botox cream (in a very good way). You’ll feel your skin gets tighter once applied.
  •          Doesn’t give white cast
  •          No pungent smell
  •      Can be build up easily
  •      Compact packaging
  • As you can see mine us used already. I am using it for
    a month now!
  •      Creamy and non-drying

My Tips:

  1.      . Apply via dot using your fingers and blend with wet sponge for flawless application
  2.      .  I highly recommend 4U2 BB Powder as setting powder or the Catrice All Matte Powder
  3.      . Apply minimal amount only for perfect effect
  4.      . Shades are per number. I believe 141 is the lightest with 151 as for perfect morena. There’s also 170 that’s green to cast out redness.
  5.     .  Shade 151 is perfect for natural looks.
  6.    . .  Always find the perfect shade for you either put at the jaw line or at the back of the hand.


         -Few shades available to choose from
         -Small size
      -  PRICEY Item
         -Only available in Instagram shops and rare physical shops

I am very much happy that I finally saw the effect of Naturactor and why it’s now a trend for the makeup world. I consider this a saviour when I have break outs or when I have bad skin days. I highly recommend this one but again consider buying in a physical store so you’ll know what shade really suits you.

Please comment below and share your views about Naturactor. What shade do you use? Do you have tips in using this product?

A swatch of #151. See how well it matches my skin tone?!

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