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Product Review: All Around Concealer by Catrice Cosmetics

all around concealer catrice cosmetics
All Around Concealer by Catrice Cosmetics
I have been waiting for so long to own a concealer palette. First reason is because I will have more variety when it comes to what shade to use for color correction and second pro makeup artists use a concealer palette to make other faces look flawless.

I was about to buy shades from Suesh since I bought my refill concealer in C210 (read review here) but since it will cost me 90pesos for each shade that will be close to 500pesos if I will be buying 5 different shades.

This concealer palette is for only 259pesos!!!
(I also created a haul Catrice Cosmetics. Click Here to view)

Fortunately during the SM Department Sale I saw Catrice Cosmetics makeup line and I immediately purchased their All Around Concealer Palette. This palette is only 259pesos and you get five different shades of concealers for different purpose or use. You have green, pink and three shades of beige or skin tone.

The Pink is used to cancel out dark undereye circles. What I do is apply it just like how I apply a regular concealer. This pink shade is also referred to as the salmon shade.
I didn't imagine that pink will really can be an under eye corrector :)

The Green shade is used to neutralize redness so if you have pimples or any pigmentation this concealer shade is perfect to use. 
Green is for redness

The Beige shades are in dark, medium and light colors and they cover imperfections. If you want to even out your skin tone you may mix and match each of the beige shade to highlight your face area.

You'll have dark, medium and very light shade

 What I love about the product?

  • Affordable for only 259pesos and you'll get five different shades
  • Works well for its purpose
  • Availability is superb though I hear cases that the product is sold out in some Catrice kiosks
  • I can easily blend the beige colors to what suits me
  • Doesn't have any weird smell
  • Creamy and easy to blend
    Perfect for beginners!!!

What I don't love?

  • It tends to be too creamy that you might easily ruin the product. You have to use just a light hand in applying.
  • The packaging is very delicate if you drop it it can be easily ruined.
  • Also since its clear plastic it can be messy sometimes.

Overall I love using this product though it gives just a light to medium coverage. I highly recommend putting a foundation or bb cream afterwards. Make sure to mattify the face by a powder foundation and you can use here Catrice All Matte Powder.

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