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IzzaShares: So what happened to Renée Zellweger?!

I am an honest to goodness fan of Bridget Jones! I have the first book and also the second book entitled The Edge of Reason! I love the film and I just can't help admiring the main star, Renée Zellweger for such a brilliant portrayal of Bridget Jones.

But last night I saw on my Facebook News feed how people are reacting to the recent photos of Renée. I even thought that it was a different lady for there are no trace of the old time Renée Zellweger that I watched for a lot of her films.

No, I am not hating. Its just that I wonder how far could one go for a plastic surgery that you can even have a new face!!! And the mere fact that Renée has been very beautiful since then, it's really hard to understand why she did this to her face. A lot of confusion has been given for her brand new look though she is very beautiful (before and after) but honestly, she had a NEW FACE. Like NEW FACE!!!

Here are the photos from the web when she attended the Elle's Women of Hollywood. I do not claim any copyrights.

Photo from The Washington Post. You may read the story here.

 Yes that's the photo and no it's not Photoshop at all!!!

In case you already forgot how Renée Zellweger looks here is the photo from Wikepedia.

So what's your reaction to this transformation?! 

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