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Product Review: Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in #403 Plum Perfect

When I saw Maybelline's new makeup line I was so amused! The price is more affordable than the usual and they are all in vibrant hue hence the name, Color Show. I remember passing in the underground that connects Rufino Plaza (where I am working) and PBCom (where my sister is working) and I have always wanted to buy even one item from them.

Fortunately I had my paluwagan sweldo!!!!!!!! And I  know exactly that buying from Maybelline will be the very first thing I'll do. Being as smart shopper as I ought to be I decided to buy just a single makeup with the promise than every sweldo I will slowly build my collection. Ayiie.

So I bought the Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in #403 Plum Perfect instead.

Very simple yet classic packaging!
The lipsticks comes as is and without any box for proper packaging but it is still very nicely presented. You know how much I love black packaging and I can't express how sophisticated makeup looks when it is in black.

One lipstick costs 169pesos rather than the usual line of 299pesos and more.

I never really own a dark lippie only because I believe it doesn't fit me. I have been a fan of how amazing the Tough Me in Cashmere is as well as the Wet N' Wild in Sucre Rose and both are nude-peachy colors. They bring out the best in my morena skin because of the flesh undertone.

But this Plum Perfect lipstick is just the best!


  • The shade is so cool very show off but still wearable
  • Smells like candy
  • Affordable Price!
  • Lasts longer than expected
  • Buildable color
  • Very compact


  • Shades to choose from are not that wide

This lipstick is a perfect shade for fall/autumn and is also a nice color for those who love bold lips rather than Red shades. I wonder what other shades to buy next as far as my research goes the top 3 picks next would be #402 Plum Tastic, #303 Coral Culture and #301 True Toffee.

Hope you love this post!

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