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IzzaShares: What I'm Currently Reading?!

Eat, pray, love (Elizabeth
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As what  I mentioned in my Intro and Recent Photo post, I am a journalism graduation. I love writing and composing thoughts and ideas. When I am not writing you’ll probably see me reading. I remember my Campus Journalism Trainer back when I was in high school told me to read, read and read.

Reading has become my own travel ticket. The last book I finished was Memoirs of Geisha and it is the classic piece that brought me to Japan for free! You can imagine the aura and era every flip of the page. For this post I’d like to share what I am currently reading. I am actually in the phase where I am obsessed in reading books that became a movie. I don’t know why but before Memoirs of Geisha the book that I finished was The Time Traveller’s Wife. My routine is to read the book and see the movie next that way though my expectation wasn’t met still I have an idea what happened on the original story.
Anyhow, without further ado I present to you what I’m currently reading. The book is by Elizabeth Gilbert and you guessed it right, it is the one and only, Eat, Pray and Love! Hope to finish this book this week and I have to move on to another book!

Are you reading any book as of this moment? What’s your book recommendation?
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