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100pesos and Below Sulit Product: Aido Lipsticks

Ahhh....lipsticks, a woman can never have enough lipstick in her makeup vanity. I believe the very first makeup item I got is a lip product namely Carmex lip balm for I know how important good lips is. Come college days and I decided to buy lipsticks and slowly I am creating a nice and humble collection. See here for my makeup collection photos.

For today's 100pesos and Below Sulit Product I will be presenting Aido lipsticks. You can easily find these lipsticks in all Fashion 21 stores and I believe they are either sister company or exclusive distributor.

I decided to buy one from their Regular lipstick line and another one from their Classic line. I also chose almost similar shades just because I needed somewhat orangey shades currently after all of my other lipsticks are nude or peach.

Aido Classic Lipstick in Letter H


Aido Classic Lipstick sells for 59pesos only and just the same a lot of shades you can choose. I was love at first try with this shade for it is orangey and red at the same time but still wearable. You can also partner this shade with a lipgloss for a much nicer look.

I got the Aido Classic Lipstick in Letter H. I believe all shades are named by their letters. They have shades of red to almost nude. 
Just a sheer color

Aido Regular Lipstick in Number 14

Aido Regular Lipstick sells for 29pesos only and they have a lot of shades to choose from. Though the lipstick may appear cute and small the product inside is same in size. Amazingly there's no weird smell that you will find in other drugstore lipsticks.
Aido Classic versus Aido Regular

The shade that I got is in #14 and its darker color with more of a red tone. Just like the Classic lipstick it only has sheer effect on the lips. Very good choice if you only need a sudden burst of lip color.

I never thought Aido lipsticks could be these good. They are fine for me wearing for 3-4 hours. They give nice hint of color perfect for everyday use. I love that they are really 100pesos and below combined and these lipsticks are perfect collectibles.

Hope you love this post.

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