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Product Hype: LA Colors Perfect Curve Mascara

Hi everyone!!! I do hope you are all enjoying the long weekend. Don't forget to remember the reason behind this week's official non-working day. It is for us to remember the love of God to mankind. How He sacrificed His own bgotten Son Jesus to free us from sin and reunite us with God above.

Anyways, today's post is a product hype. I believe its been a long time since I shared to you an item thatis worth bragging and hyping with. For today's post I am talking about my mascara of the moment.

It is the LA Colors Perfect Curve Mascara. It is one of the product that is unexpected for me. The price is very good to the budget for only 199pesos.

The product has simple packaging. It is very light and compact. 

The wand has this perfect curve that creates beautifully curled and radiant lashes. The stroke is not to heavy and very easy to use on the lower lashes.

       With the product                                           Without the product

With just one application, you can see a great difference once you use this mascara.

It is easy to use on the lower lashline and creates a very beautiful effect.

        1 coat of the mascara                               2 coats of the mascara

See how good this mascara is?? I am truly greatful having found this mascara. 


  1. Izza, medyo clumpy lang dun sa second coat. Pero kung ibabrush mo pa pwede pa siguro maayos yung nagkadikit dikit na lashes.

  2. Dun konnga to nagustuhan Hazel. It is the best to use for spidery lashes. Yun yung clampy lashes perao very visible and will make the eyes pop :) watch my Youtube Updated Makeup routine zel, i used this one. :)

    Uy, thanks for reading my blog post hahh. :)