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5 New Videos from My Youtube Channelf

If you are new to this blog then you probably didn’t know that I do Youtube videos. I was inspired back then by the Michelle Phan. She introduced beauty vlogging via Youtube and look just how successful she became.

My Youtube Channel is far from how others are. I guess I have only less than 300 subscribers at the moment and my views are like less than 40,000 for the 92 videos that I have already uploaded. But since I enjoy doing videos, I just do it. I love talking in front of the camera and I love sharing  my views and opinions to products.

Today’s post is just to introduce you guys to the Five New Videos I have uploaded in my Youtube Channel. I hope you’ll enjoy and if you have a Youtube account please do subscribe to me.

Upload #5. How I Use the Bench Perfect Whitening Kit

The Bench Perfect Whitening Kit is something that I bought before 2014 ends. It is a four-part skincare system from Bench sold for 220pesos. I had a series of posts for the product that you can read here:
  1. Inside Bench Perfect Skin Kit: Whitening Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15
  2. Inside Bench Perfect Skin Kit: Whitening Facial Serum
  3. Inside Bench Perfect Skin Kit: Whitening Facial Toner
  4. Inside Bench Perfect Skin Kit: Whitening Facial Wash

Upload #4 Quick Makeup of the Day feat. Avon Super Shock Max Mascara

I do this Quick Makeup of the Day as a series on my Youtube Channel just to show how I do my makeup for a certain day.  Sometimes I also feature a makeup product here and there that I have been loving for the moment.

Upload #3.  First Haul of 2015 (Avon, SanSan and Watsons)

Haul Videos has been the easiest video to make. You just sit in one corner and talk about either your recent purchase or one brand makeup. This specific video is my very first haul for 2015 but it is a collective haul for most items have been with me since December last year.

Upload #2. January Favorites

I haven’t done my February Favorites but I am looking forward to film My February-March Monthly Favorites. Here I feature My Bullet Journal that has been helping me get along with organizing my life. I also have some skincare products and makeup items that had been a big part of my January.

Upload #1. Safeguard Derma Sense Facial Wash Demo Review

I’ve been an avid fan of Safeguard White for I once experienced its miracle when I had a Tagiyawat Battle. Fortunateky they released a facia wash that is focused on helping sensitive and acne prone skin. Watch the video to know my honest opinion on the product.

Thank you so much that you read and follow this blog. I hope that you will also subscribe on my channel via Youtube and also share this post on your social medias.

What video is your favorite?!

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