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On Nanbentei of Tokyo and Amazing Find from Landmark Makati

I have an addiction with Japanese food. I crave for it most of the time though being a frugal person that I am I go to Tokyo Tokyo instead para makamura. However, if  I have extra money and I really want to give myself a treat I’ll have dinner on fancy Japanese restaurant. Today I’m just going to blog to you about my Nanbentei of Tokyo experience.

My sister recommended Nanbentei of Tokyo and I actually went together in this food trip. Me and my sister works in Makati. I am in Rufino Plaza and she is just in PBCom so going to Greenbelt is just a walkway away. Read my On Ayala Walkway Experience here, the walkway that connects Ayala Rufino to Greenbelt.

Nanbentei of Tokyo is located in Greenbelt 3 near J Co Donuts. The moment I saw the store I felt the Japanese authenticity. The setup is like how common restaurant are in the Land of the Morning Sun. Right after settling down on our table the waiter gave us a hot towel which I found out as a Japanese custom.

It is called Oshibori and offered in restaurants in japan which is used to clean one’s hands before eating. They also gave this ultra delicious appetizer that includes fresh cut vegetable with a sauce that resembles bagoong but not the typical Filipino bagoong. The sauce actually is very good and the fresh cut vegetables became better.

Then we ordered our meal. I was surprised with their menu because the items are super sulit.

 Aspara Maki- 80pesos and Gyu Negi- 150pesos

Both were bestsellers in Nanbentei of Tokyo. I love how tender and juicy the beef was and how delicious the taste of Aspara Maki. The serving is two sticks per dish.

Spicy Tuna Maki -160pesos

This taste amazing. This is topped with Spicy Tuna and very appetizing.

Miso Soup- 85pesos

I love miso soup and it is one of my top priority to order when I am in a Japanese Restaurant. I love Nanbentei in particular because the flavor is very rich.

Before dining in at Nabentei of Tokyo I killed time in Landmark since the working hour of my sister ends at 7pm while mine is 6pm. I love Landmark for it’s like one huge treasure place to have amazing finds. I told you last week in a post how I found Makeup Brushes in the store and this week I’ll tell you about another Amazing Find. 

Landmark Travel Friendly Bath Kit
This whole kit is such a steal for just 159pesos. Inside the plastic zip lock bag are bath essential items and its actually an all in one item.

Inside the bag you’ll get:

  • 1 plastic head wrap
  • 1 bath sponge
  • 1 plastic comb
  • 2 plastic containers perfect for contact lenses
  • 2 plastic bottles perfect for lotion or cream
  • 1 medicine case

The kit has been part of my shower time. I use the plastic head wrap when I apply hair spa or whenever I have to shower but I don’t want to wash my hair. For the other container I filled in with some of my bath essentials such as hair spa solution, lotion I am currently using, eye cream and facial wash.

Just love how the night went and thank you for reading my blog post!

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