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Books I am Reading this April

Just last week I suddenly missed the feeling I have when I read a book. The feeling of being in another dimension like you are part of the character’s world. That you see, hear and touch everything that the character is seeing, hearing and touching.

So I had a so-called book-shopping and where more to conduct this financial crime than a Book Sale. Yes, yes, yes… not only am I frugal when it comes to my beauty and fashion pieces but I also buy books that are second hand so that I can save a lot of money.

Here are the books I am currently reading for April.

1. The Godfather by Mario Puzo.
My brother have always boasted that The Godfather was the best film ever and it was rated really high by certain movie review website. But since I am not into movies with serious plot and with actors I barely know I didn’t watch it at all. It was during the time I was book shopping that I saw the book and I thought why not read it instead. This is the first time that I’ll be reading a Mario Puzo book and also the first time that I will be focusing on a story of such mafia influence. Started reading this last Sunday, March 29.

2. The Sicilian by Mario Puzo.
As soon as I got The Godfather, one of the attendees told me that another Mario Puzo book is available. He showed me the book and as soon as I saw the price (75pesos) I got the book. This book looks older than the other Mario Puzo book but it has this charm for me. I love the smell of old books and I knew finishing this other book will be priceless.

3. The Tourist by Open Steinhauer
I am currently in a book reader phase where I read books that were turned into a movie afterwards. If you go in my mini book collection you’ll see books such as The Reader (turned into a movie starring Kate Winslet,  The Time Traveller’s Wife (turned into a movie with Rachell McAdams in the casting) and even Bridget Jones Diary (from the lady with the surprising look Rene Zellweger) that’s why as soon as I saw the book, The Tourist, I knew I have to buy it. This is a spy-themed book and I am just excited as to how mind-boggling the novel will be.

4. The Help by Kathryn Stockett
This is the priciest book among the four but since I am in the phase of readings books that had movie adaptations I bought it. I believe this is an ideal book to read especially for the post women’s month celebration. The story is about African-American maids working in white households in Jackson, Mississippi. It’s film adaptation won numerous Academy Awards so I have high hopes that the book will be great.

Are you reading any book as of this moment? What’s your book recommendation?

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