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Himalaya Herbals Almond and Cucumber Peel-Off Mask Review

One brand that I've been loving since 2015 started has been Himalaya Herbals. At first I fell in love with the lip balm for it works in moisturizing and keeping my lips kissable. Then I got to try the Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream Moisturizer and it brought me to a whole new level of happiness. I love how affordable their product line is and the variety that they offer.

Today's post is all about the Himalaya Herbals Almond and Cucumber Peel-Off Mask. I got this on my Recent Purchase Haul together with the cream moisturizer but it took me awhile to create a blog post. So without further ado let me introduce this mask that I've been using for the past couple of weeks.


Himalaya Herbals Almond and Cucumber Peel-Off Mask is a rejuvinating mask that unclogs pores, peels away blemishes and leaves you with a healthy, firm and glowing skin. Almond nourishes, soothers and softens the skin. Cucumber tones your facial skin and provides a cooling effect. Pineapple removes impurities and dead cells, and firms up the skin. Indian Gooseberry (Amia) has cleansing and antioxidant properties.


I bought mine for 135pesos for 100ml. This is available in all leading beauty stores like Watsons and Department Stores.



Apply evenly over cleansed face and neck, avoiding the area around the eyes. All it to dry for 10-15 minutes. Gently remove the peel on the side of the face. Use once or twice a week. Do not apply on broken or inflamed skin.


When I saw the product I was actually blown away with the packaging. It looks appealing for a skincare item. I have also been wanting to buy a peel-off mask because I like how it stays on my face and the feeling it gives once I start peeling-off.

The Himalaya Herbals Almond and Peel-Off Mask has a bit of a weird smell like glue but once it settles on your skin it will perish. It actually has the glue feel on it even with the application. The first time I used it I applied too much that I find it hard to peel-off afterwards. I literally got teary eyed.

The second time I used it I applied just a thin layer concentrating on my T-Zone and chin and applied a nice pea-size amount. It was honestly better the second time around. It dried faster than before. What I like to do while waiting for it to dry is either read a book or watch an episode of Detective Conan. Sometimes I just lie down and relax my mind.

Thing that I like is the cooling sensation it gives because of the cucumber. and how it brightens my face after frequent use. The best thing about this product is a herbal product that comes in a tube-like form so it is easy to use and easy to store.

A little warning though because peeling this off can be very hard. You can't see where to start peeling and sometimes it gets in the hairline which is way more painful.


  • The price;
  • Brightens my face and reveals a smooth finish;
  • How it gives the cooling sensation on the areas where you put it;
  • A little goes a long way;
  • Easy to handle product;
  • Herbal product.
  •  Glue-like smell and consistency;
  • Messy Application;
  • May take forever to peel-off.


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