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July 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up


Today I’m sharing with you my June 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up. 

If you want to see how I set up my bullet journal for 2020, click here

Since 2018, I’ve kept my bullet journal set minimalist. I started keeping my bujo as functional as possible, keeping only the basics layout. Which in turn leveled up my productivity. Hooray!

I thought for 2020, I will start publishing my monthly bullet journal layout again. You can follow me on Instagram to see more of my bujo set ups.

July 2020 Monthly Calendar

This month I decided to create boxes for my monthly pages. I think the last time I did this set up for my bullet journal set up was August 2016.

I thought of using a box set up this month since for years I’ve been doing the same set up for my monthly pages. I also use colored pens to mark work deadlines (red), birthdays (purple), and personal plans and deadlines (black).


July 2020 Habit Tracker

I am still using the same layout from last month for my Habit Tracker. But I did change the habits I track from last month.

For July 2020, I added New IGTV post, New FB Live or YouTube video, and 30 days of Instagram Post. 

Part of my goals for the month is to upload IGTV videos every Tuesday on Instagram @izzaglino 

So far I already have two IGTV posts and both are bullet journal related. My plan is to share productivity tips and/or a featured book of the week every now and then. 

I committed to just one video a week because my real end goal here is to stay consistent. Once I feel confident of doing more videos, I’ll surely up my game as well. 

Finally had a chance to film a YouTube video and now it’s all about the editing process. My goal is to upload as many videos as I can so I can up my watch time and get eligible for the YouTube Monetizations Program. 

Lastly, I decided to do 30 Days of Instagram content over @izzaglino


July 2020 Time Tracker

As time consuming it is to set up this page, I still find the Time Tracker to be an effective layout which gives me information as to where I’m spending my time. This is like the Expense Tracker when it comes to finances. 

Here are the things I’ve been tracking - Sleep, Blog/Biz, Work, Read and Bible Time. My goal in putting this back is to make sure I log where my actual time is going.



July 2020 Content Tracker

Again last month, I’m pretty happy with how I’ve been blogging. The number of posts I’ve been publishing for the first six months of the year were almost at par with the posts I published last year. 

For July 2020 I got another double-digits when it comes to the number of posts. 

This July 2020 Content Tracker is pretty self-explanatory. I do have the blog content on the left side and social media content on the right side. I know I said over the past three months that I’ve been using this layout that I dislike how messy this page can be. But, it has been very helpful so far so I keep on using it.

I actually planned the whole 30 days of Instagram posts in advance which feels great. So far, I’ve been doing the challenge well. 


July 2020 Goals, Tasks and Projects

This page has been the very brain of my bullet journal for years. I love that I can dump all of the goals, projects and tasks I have in one page. I love pouring them all out as it helps me become more productive.



July 2020 Weekly and Daily Pages

And of course last for my layout is the Weekly and Daily Pages. I really enjoy the simple overview of the week and a free flowing daily page on the other side. This has been the most amazing weekly layout I’ve used ever since I started doing bullet journal. 


That’s it for my bullet journal set up.


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