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BLOGGING | My Blogging Tools and Essentials

I've been blogging for almost four years already and I must say, the whole process changed my life completely. Keeping two blogs can be a very daunting task and being on top of my game has been a never ending battle. Today I will walk you through the tools and essentials that helped me conquer the stress and stay sane on my virtual world. Welcome to my blogging tools and essentials.

Tools I Use:

Laptop.  I use two laptops currently. My own laptop is an HP Pavillion X360 Convertible which I use when I blog at home. I also use my service laptop from work, Acer TravelMate P246, on weekends because it has bigger screen and keyboard which makes writing easier. Both laptops are the most important tool I use to blog. I do all content production, photo editing to social media updates with my laptops.  

Bullet Journal. I use my Bullet Journal as an over all planner and organizer. I jot down notes and ideas as well as plan when the execution of my posts will be. What I love about the Bullet Journal is that I can add and erase an item anytime. It is a very effective productivity tool. READ: Bullet Journaling for Beginners 
Google Calendar. Once I have my monthly content calendar set up I transfer them to my Google Calendar. This will automatically send me a reminder as to which post goes live on a particular day. 

iPhone 5 and iPad. I use both iOS gadgets to take pictures and/or videos for my YouTube Channel.WATCH: What's on my iPhone 5

Windows 10 Photo Editor. I edit any raw photos with Windows 10 Photo Editor because its built in on my service laptop. I am glad how well the photo editor of Windows 10 works. You can control the brightness, saturation etc. of the pictures. 

 Essential Apps:

Blogger. Blogger is my choice of platform for my both SavingsPinay and IzzaGlino. Many have wondered why I don't buy my own domain... well I really don't see the reason pa to buy currently. I am still happy with the blog hosted on a third -party. 

Evernote. This is where I write all of my blog posts. I create a note for each article I write. It is easy to use and very simple which helps me focus on the content rather than design of the article. and I use PicMonkey and Canva to produce blog-worthy images with texts for my blogs. They can be accessed online which is always a plus and they are easy and free to use. I used to add puchu-puchu images on my blog posts but when I discovered these two websites I immediately stepped up my game. 

Bloglovin'. For daily dose of blog inspirations visit Bloglovin'. I use this to find and to read new posts from new bloggers worth following. Some great bloggers I follow om Bloglovin' are The Private Life of a Girl, X.O, Sarah, The Nectar Collective, By Regina and

Instagram. This is a my favorite social media platform to share and connect to readers. Currently I am doing a creating a better newsfeed for my Instagram. I want to post better pictures and include a mini review or first impression here and there. You can follow me on Instagram if you're not already. I also use Instagram to update myself on anything related to Bullet Journal or to hunt on books for sale in the Philippines.

Statcounter. This is my website of choice to track my blog stats. It is free to use and install on Blogger. Checking your stats is something every blogger ought to do to really know what the readers wants.

Pinterest. I use this app to generate as much blog post ideas as possible. I love Pinterest because it gives you content and visual. 

That's it for My Blogging Tools and Essentials. Thanks for reading.

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