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Life Lately #007

The first week of April is done. Thank you for always visiting and reading my posts here in IzzaGlino as well as my other blog, SavingsPinay. Sometimes I wonder if there is really a person at the other side of the computer or phone reading IzzaGlino. I hope if you have time you can use the comment section to share your thoughts and put the link to your blog as well. I'd love to be part of the community and not just blog alone.

As always we will start with a little recap/review of the week from regrets to opportunities and followed by the five things lately I've been loving.

Let's begin!


This week is primarily good on the personal level because I started reading books again. Actually I force myself to read 20-40 pages every night and another 10 pages during the day. Another great part of my week is my morning skincare routine which works amazing at the moment. READ: That Thing Called reader's Block


Work is still busy as usual. Right now I am working on how I can speed up the process of creating and sending the documents I make. I actually found a new approach on it wherein I batch the tasks into certain days so I can meet my deadline at the end of the week. READ: What's in my bag 2014


I wasn't able to blog everyday but I am pretty much happy with how the week's statistics went. I am delighted more on my YouTube Channel because we are nearing the goal to reach 500 subs by the end of April. Tomorrow I will be filming 2-3 new videos so I'll have new uploaded videos again.

Posts this week on IzzaGlino
Posts this week on SavingsPinay
5 Things Lately


I follow a number of bloggers in Instagram who'll tag their photos especially makeup flat lays with #clozette. And so I  decided to research on this whole Clozette craze and build my own profile. Now I'm part of the Clozette community and of course I encourage you to follow me there. 

2. Better Instagram Field

I made major changes on how my Instagram @izzaglino will be. I changed my bio to something much more appealing and will highlight what my Instagram feed is about. I also created a special entry on my bullet journal where I plan what I'll posts on a certain day and a guide/cheat sheet on how I'll do my posts. I was inspired by other bloggers' Instagram and how they make use of their account to market their love for makeup, fashion, bullet journal or traveling while sharing to followers. If you have time please follow me on Instagram.  

3. Maybelline Creamy Matte in Vibrant Violet

Purchasing this lipstick made my week very special. I love it so much. For the longest time I've been wanting to know whether purple lips suit me and I finally have courage to own one for myself. This lipstick is a bullet of happiness.  

4. Bullet Journal Plan With Me Challenge

Again if you've been following me on Instagram you'll know that I joined the #planwithmechallenge and I am uploading a picture a day with the prompt publicized by @boho.berry @tinyrayofsunshine and @printsandpaper 

If you want to start your own bullet journal click HERE. 

5. Hosting at Faustino Events Place Imus

Last Monday I spent half day at work to go on Faustino Events Place Imus, Cavite for a debut hosting gig. It was such a blast. I had a great time hosting the party because the debutant herself is amazing. The program is great and everyone had fun. Love it! 

Before heading to the events place I stayed at BeanLeaf Lumina. They offer milk tea, sausages and cakes. Their price range is budget-friendly plus the place itself is great. I ordered schublig sausage that comes with two mashed potato serving already for 105pesos only and wintermelon milk tea. 

That's it for my week. Thank you so much for the love.

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