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Taking My Blogs to the Next Level

Blogging have been a big part of my life at the moment. I have shared how much it changed my life completely and turned me to someone who's more capable in a lot of things. I am happy with how things are turning for both IzzaGlino and SavingsPinay as well as My YouTube Channel but I also hope for a something better.

I want all of my channels to reflect as side of me to the public and have my own place in the internet to share my life. My Blogging Goals This 2016 is still on point but there's much I have to do in the coming months or years. Today I will lead you on How I'm Taking My Blogs and My YouTube Channel to the Next Level. 

Weekly Writing Routine

Doing this Weekly Writing Routine had changed my blogging game in an instant. It goes to show how seriously I take my blogs at the moment. It work pretty well with my current schedule and though I haven't reaching my goal of blogging everyday I am still happy that I was able to generate one. Contents is king when it comes to blogging and since 2016 came I hope you noticed that my posts are getting better. In SavingsPinay for example I try to produce articles that are 750-1500 words mark so that everything will be included in the single posts. READ: My Blogging Tools and Essentials
Better Instagram Newsfeed

For so long I have used My Instagram for personal use. I post selfies, personal photos etc. It's not when I saw the Instagram of MakeupinManila and MakeupNurse that I realized I could create a micro blog out of it and generate more readers for IzzaGlino. And so for the first week of April I planned what will appear in My Instagram Newsfeed. I also decided to publicized my love for Bullet Journal and joined the April PlanwithmeChallenge to attract people who share the same interest with me. And so currently my Instagram has become a microblog and not just an ordinary social media account. My goal is to attract visitors, gain followers and have potential sponsorships/ads from brands and online shops. love how that one week of posts turned out. I gained lots of links toward my personal beauty and lifestyle blog. READ: 5 Things I'm Doing Different for my Blogs This Year
Launch of SavingsPinay Facebook Group

For so long now I linked both SavingsPinay and IzzaGlino together in IzzaGlinoFull Facebook Page. This brought confusion to the readers on the identity of both blogs. I also found it hard to brand IzzaGlino as a personal beauty and lifestyle blog and SavingsPinay as financial blog since they share the same Facebook Page for the longest time. So this April 21 I'll be launching the SavingsPinay Facebook Group as a community of SavingsPinay readers and non-readers where you can share your questions, ideas, tips on budget, saving, investing, business, career and productivity. You can also network with other personal finance enthusiasts and promote your financial blog if you want. I want to create a community that will grow eventually.
Batch Filming of YouTube Videos

I tried filming a couple videos one Sunday morning and it worked so well. I was able to film two videos for My YouTube Channel. This schedule help a lot and may help bring more consistency in my humble channel. WATCH: Recent Purchase Haul March 2016
Introducing Blog Plans in my Bullet Journal

Every now and then I create an entry in my YouTube Channel dedicated to my plans and ideas for IzzaGlino, SavingsPinay and My YouTube Channel. This help a lot for me to remember important things related to the growth I want for my virtual world. I was always inspired by how others take their blog into full time business or a potential source of passive income and I won't deny that I wish the same. 
Blog Collaborations

I felt like I've been blogging alone for the past four years and not really making an effort to be part of the big blogging world. So I am currently putting more effort in finding other bloggers of the same niche, commenting on their posts and sharing their articles to my readers. I also plan on doing a Blog Collab and for the longest time I've been putting this off on my priorities but now I ready to take sure steps for it to happen. READ: Where to Get Post Ideas for Your Blogs

Hope this post helps.


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