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Paintbox by Bench Bronzer and Highlighter Stick Review

Paintbox has easily become one of my favorite local beauty stores ever. I love their BB Cream line as much as their creamy lipsticks. Recently I visited Bench at SM Bicutan and found out they have released newer makeup items worth the try. Today I will sharing my review on the first two items I got, its the Paintbox by Bronzer and Highlighter Stick.

Product Information

The Gold Kiss Bronzer stick nourishes, moisturizes and gives glowing effect its natural bronze color. 

The Frosted Pearl Highlighter is a smooth texture highlighter that gives instant radiant effect in the areas highlighted. 


Both items cost 139pesos each. You will get 0.9 oz./ 5.5g of product.

My Experience

I believe this is the first time I will reviewing a bronzer and highlighter product here in IzzaGlino. I don't really contour and highlight that much because I on a daily basis I go to work with just sunscreen, brows and sometimes lip color. 

The Bench Paintbox Gold Kiss Bronzer and Frosted Pearl Highlighter comes in a big chubby stick and the product is in dome-shaped form. The dome shape makes it easier to apply. The outside of the tube is white and at the bottom it has gold and silver to indicate one from the other. You twist the bottom part to release more of the product.

I will be honest enough to say that I purchased the item because of the packaging. I love seeing this chubby sticks in my makeup collection since they both look gorgeous. Its also nice that the Bench Paintbox Gold Kiss Bronzer and Frosted Pearl Highlighter have see-through cap so you can clearly see the product. 

How I Use Them? Since I seldom bronze and highlight using these babies need a little adjusting. I use my bare fingers to blend both the Bench Paintbox Gold Kiss Bronzer and Frosted Pearl Highlighter. The bronzer can be an eyeshadow cream for a smokey bronze eye look while the highlighter goes amazing to apply on high points of the face.

Texture and Consistency. The Bench Paintbox Gold Kiss Bronzer and Frosted Pearl Highlighter is very soft and velvety in texture. There's not much information on the ingredients of the product but I believe there's something about the ingredients that make the texture amazing. Both products glide smoothly on the face. They also blend super easy though because they're glittery you'll probably get shining, shimmering splendid after application. 
Upon Application. I am not using the Gold Kiss Bronzer as a bronzer because one, its not wearable in an everyday basis and two, I find it too glittery when blended. However, I love using this as a cream eyeshadow to give me a seductive eye makeup look. 

The Frosted Pearl Highlighter on the other hand has been my go to highlighter right now. Before owning this product I just use regular pearl eyeshadow to highlight but now I get a better one. Love this highlighter for my inner eyes and brow bone. I also like the product on my cupids bow and other high points of my face.

Longevity. Last Monday I used both products for my makeup during an event I hosted. I have super oily skin but they amazingly stayed well. The Bench Paintbox Gold Kiss Bronzer and Frosted Pearl Highlighter staying power is pretty impressive considering their price is only 139pesos.
Photo of me using the product during an event I hosted

What I Love?

  • The price
  • Blends easily
  • Works even with oily skin
  • Looks nice in day time

What I Don't Love?

  • The bronzer is too glittery
  • Doesn't have any information on the ingredients


If you are looking for a budget-friendly bronzer and highlighter stick I suggest this Bench Paintbox Gold Kiss Bronzer and Frosted Pearl Highlighter. They are super easy to apply and convenient to use with the twistable bottom. You can apply it with your bare fingers or a brush if you want.

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