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MONTHLY RECAP | Goodbye March, Hello April

Today I will be doing another recap of the past month. Still can't believe that we are now on the fourth month of 2016. Time really flies faster than expected. My March is nothing compared to my February to be hones but I hope you'll still enjoy this post.

After Work Jog 

This I must say is one of my best achievement for March. I together with other workmates started jogging after work. It was supposed to be a Monday, Wednesday and Friday one but a times when we need to spend overtime or there's a lot of workloads we don't jog. It was a nice feeling sweating after work and it is sort of stress reliever for me. I plan to buy better work out clothes and equipment soon.

March Bullet Journal Set Up 

I think this is the best month so far that I used my Bullet Journal. From Day 1 to Day 31 I have logged my day, plan my to-do list and set goals. It really makes a huge difference in my productivity level having a Bullet Journal. It's like I know what I need to accomplish for the day. If you want to view my March Bullet Journal Set Up click HERE. If you want to learn more about Bullet Journal see below links:

My First Beauty Box  

I had my first ever beauty box order thanks to Althea Korea Philippines. It feels amazing unboxing some of the best Korean skincare and makeup products ever. I have always read and watched unboxing videos and now I know the feeling. READ: All About Althea Korea Philippines + Unboxing

New Books In My Collection 

I have always shared my love for books that have movie adaptation and it is something I sort of collect. For March I bought three more to add in my collection namely Room by, PS. I Love You by and Silver Lining Playbook by. I love it so much. I feel so much excitement once I start reading them.

Ramen Kuroda 

If you want a legit ramen experience near Makati then you will never go wrong with Ramen Kuroda. They have the most budget-friendly yet sumptuous Japanese famed and sides perfect for everyone. I ordered Aka Ramen and Gyoza and boy did I enjoy my meal so much. Oishi!!!

Things to Look Forward April

1. Hosting Event and Wedding Coordination Gig

On April 4 I have a debut hosting in Cavite and I am so excited to host a debut again. It could be a tiring night because most debut goes up to 11pm onwards but a rewarding experience too. On April 17 I have a wedding coordination gig and it's keeping me busy at the moment helping my client make important wedding decision.

2. Solo Bicol Backpacking

I am preparing myself to my first solo backpacking adventure by the end of April. It sounds so terrifying but I am excited to do it. I am doing a lot of research on the how-to's and what-to-do's and I am planning to spends 3 days and 2 nights for this epic solo Bicol backpacking trip.

3. Hike Daraitan.

I failed hiking in March so hopefully this April I can do it once again. I miss the thrill of the mountain. I am looking forward for Mt. Daraitan and hopefully it will come true.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Tell me something about your March!


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