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My April Bullet Journal Setup

March ended so soon. I honestly still  can't believe that  three months have already passed since 2016 started. In my Goodbye February, Hello March I mentioned that the past month is nothing compared to the experience I made in February. I didn't complete any major goal or bucket list. It went by pretty normal to say.

As part of my BuJu posts today I will be sharing how I setup my Bullet Journal for April 2016. I will also include the why's, how to's and tips in each entries.

Monthly Calendar

I am still into the normal vertical calendar started by the maker of Bullet Journal himself, Rydel Caroll. The color coding for areas of my life is still on point. However, looking at it now I guess I should have opted for a darker colored pen this month instead of pink. I also put a line to divide each week of April.

Goals and To Do for April

Following my April Calendar is my Goals and To Do of the month. I again separated them into the different areas of my life. I have 2-3 goals for personal, 2-3 goals for my blogs etc. Instead of doing colored box this month I opted for just a regular squares that I can fill up once I accomplished my objective. At the bottom of the entry are my 3 Focused Habits. To regain mindfulness in my actions I chose three main habits I want to master for the month.

April Gratitude Log

My Gratitude Log page on my March Bullet Journal was a waste because I always forget to add an entry to what I'm thankful for. For April I kept it much simpler approach on the Gratitude Log. It resembles the vertical monthly calendar so each entry will be written vertically too. Honestly I don't like how it turned out but I will keep using the set up and definitely do some alteration next month.

April Bullet Journal Challenge and April Journal Prompts

I love how the Bullet Journal community works to make each and every enthusiasts journey better. This the first time that I joined a Bullet Journal Challenge and I must say I had so much fun. I joined the #planwithmechallenge hosted by @boho.berry, @tinyrayofsunshine and @prettyprintsandpapers. I've successfully done the first seven items and I will keep doing and posting it over my Instagram. Please follow me there. 

The April Journal Prompts is something I saw in Pinterest. I prepared this so that if I ever wanted to journal I can easily do it. So far I haven't journaled yet but I am pretty much excited to do so for this week. 

April Editorial Calendar

I still keep an editorial calendar for the month of April in my bullet journal so I could plan on the go. This time I made a major change on the layout by doing a normal calendar.

Last month's editorial calendar got messy because when a post wasn't able to push through I can't undo them anymore. I also found it hard to change the title of the post and so on. With the normal calendar I can do a month in advance of blog post ideas and alter along the way. 

I also put a portion to plan what videos will be up on my YouTube channel. At the bottom are my daily, weekly and monthly admin checklists. I also did a simple tracker on the dates when I successfully published a post.

I wrote March instead of April :(
Weekly and Daily Page

My week for April started pretty plain and simple but will change it for the succeeding weeks.

Week 1 Layout
Current Weekly Layout

This month I had fun doing some unique collections over my bullet journal.

Future Log

Savings and 52-Week Money Challenge

SavingsPinay Facebook Group Plan

Instagram Newsfeed Plan
I made a Future Log and scheduled my goals and bucket lists for 2016. Then I had a whole page to update my financial goals. I had my plans for 2016 and what I want to achieve for 2017 financially. I also cut and paste a 52 Week Money Challenge template for easy tracking. Last two collections are the SavingsPinay Facebook Group Plan and Instagram Newsfeed

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