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6 Ways to Start Your Day with Jesus

Start your day with Jesus.

Easy to say but hard to do. As a Christian, it is so easy nowadays to just grab our phone first and scroll Facebook, Instagram or watch videos on YouTube. And I am a victim of this wrong pattern too. But I will always be rebuked by the truth - there is power in spending the time with His presence.

Last year, I received an answer from a much long prayer, spiritual growth. And so I made a promise not to waste any chance I have to spend quality time with the Lord. It is a constant battle to choose God over matters arising. But when I am reminded of how faithful He is in my life even when I was still a sinner, I can’t help but surrender.

I’ve heard this line at a church service before, “Nearness to God is a gift, closeness to God is choice.” When we received salvation through Christ we are already near God. But closeness to Him is where our hope should be as long as we live. We have to stay close to His side. And it starts by choosing Him in the morning.

We can all be in His spirit every single day.

Today I will share N ways you can start your day with Jesus. Let’s begin.




The easiest and simplest way you can begin the morning with the Lord is to utter a short prayer as soon as you wake up. Just like Aretha Franklin’s song, the moment I wake up, before I put on my makeup I say a little prayer for you. That’s how effortless we can receive God’s anointing.

If the first thing we do is grab our phone and bombard ourselves with other people’s business, it will be difficult to see God’s blessings.

Pray. Gratitude can go a long way too. If you can only spare five minutes of your morning to Jesus then spend it well, thanking Him for everything.

Do this : As soon as you open your eyes, thank God for the new day ahead. It could be along the lines of “Lord, thank You for the new day. I don’t know what’s ahead but I know this for sure - Your love will sustain me.”  Be amazed by how the said words will just heal you from within and set the tone of your day.

Listen to worship songs

I enjoy praise and worship at church so much. It is the moment in the service where I practice speaking in tongues. Some songs I cry, some make me want to raise my hand and go all out. Listening to worship songs help you be in one with the Holy Spirit. They can really touch your soul and remind you of how great and how awesome God is.

You can actually play worship songs in the background as you do any of other things I have listed in this post.

Read a daily devotional

Devotional books are publications which provide a specific spiritual reading for each calendar day. Although a lot of devotionals can now be found online through websites and blogs, having a physical book is still a better way in my opinion.

Most daily devotionals available in the market are short and made for the quiet time in the mornings. You can flip through a page, read the accompanied verse and make a one-page reflection.

I am personally a fan of Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling and have talked about it in the blog for several posts already. It is the daily devotional book I current use. Aside from daily devotionals, you can also invest in a devotional that deals with a specific topic. It could be about finances, love or even acceptance.

Here are some of the most recommended devotional books to own:

  • Trust God Day by Day by Joyce Meyer
  • Better Than Jewels: A Weekly Devotional by Rica Peralejo
  • My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers
  • The One Year Daily Devotionals




Do you enjoy writing or shall I say keeping a diary? If yes, then this could be a good opportunity to start your day with Jesus every single day. As soon as you get up go to a place in your room (or in your house) where you can freely write down your thoughts in the morning.

This could be your own love letters to God, sharing to Him in writing how your day was from yesterday and what are your worries for the day.

I remember how I used to write down love letters to God almost every single day when I was young. Now I follow a different morning scribbles based on @amyhale on Instagram. She suggested to answer the following questions:

  • God I praise you for…
  • Thank You Lord for… (name three things you are grateful for)
  • Today I lift up… (create a mini braindump of things that bother you)

You will be surprised how answering those mere three questions can change your perspective of the day ahead.

Participate in Bible Challenges

Another great idea to prompt you to spend time with God in the morning is to participate in Bible Challenges. There are a number of challenges you can participate to build your relationship with God. Some will ask you to simple read a few verses that speaks about the topic while other challenges will request you either to write down the verse or memorize it.

Here’s a link to some awesome Bible challenges on Pinterest you might want to check out.

Biblical Affirmations

Affirmations are simple statements that you repeat to yourself and believe wholeheartedly. They offer a sudden boost of confidence and fine assurance that no matter what you are loved and taken care of.

Good biblical affirmations act as a filter between God’s promises and the world’s noises. It is always a struggle to hear the Lord and affirmations help guard us on self-doubt and condemnations.

Below are some of the helpful affirmations found in the Bible that will help you as you start your day with Jesus.

The Lord is my good Shepherd. He provides for all of my needs - Psalm 23:1
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me - Philippians 4:13
I am precious to God and He will take care of me - Matthew 6:25-44
God is faithful. He will complete the good work that he has begun in me - Philippians 1:6
I have been bought with a price, and I belong to God - 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
I am a woman of discipline and self control - Titus 2:11-12
Try saying aloud these biblical affirmations in the morning and feel the difference it can make.



How to Start Your Day with Jesus

Building a closer relationship with God requires constant communication and as much as we hope it is as easy as 1-2-3, it is not. You can’t just wake up and journal every single day without “life” getting in between.

The good thing about God is that He never after the act but always the heart.

His grace is new every morning. Do not feel disheartened if you miss a day, a week or even a month of the routine. What matters most is that you continuously yield and clung on to Him. Just surrender your day, every day. Let Jesus take the wheel.

If ever you decide in spending the first hour (or 30 minutes) of the day with Jesus, here are some helpful tips:

  • Find a dedicated place to spend your time alone with Jesus. Movement can definitely help keeping you from going back to sleep. It is better to get up and walk (or move) to a spot other than your bed for this habit to work.
  • Another important tip when it comes to place is to make sure you meet God in the same location every single morning.
  • Partner with someone. Have an accountability partner that you can share your progress (and struggles) in keeping the morning routine. It can be your Victory Group, your spouse, your dear friend or your leader.


I hope this post helps you start your day with Jesus. More posts about faith HERE.


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