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12 Minimalist Monthly Pages To Try for Your Bullet Journal

Today I will share to you some minimalist monthly pages for your bullet journal. I’ve been doing the whole bullet journal system since 2015 and it quickly became my game changer.  

For someone who enjoys planning and making list, the bullet journal method is the perfect analog system for productivity. I really enjoyed transitioned from being creative to being a minimalist when it comes to set up. Now I go for function over design making sure every page is helping me achieve the outcome of the day, week, month and year that I want.

Minimalist Monthly Spread

Monthly spreads are common inclusion to every bullet journal set up. A monthly page also known as monthly log always consist of the date and the task and/or event on the particular day. It should give you a quick view of what will happen over the next 30 days.

If you are into minimalist bullet journaling like me, I compiled 12 layouts you can try for your bullet journal. These monthly pages are absolutely beautiful, functional and easy to recreate.

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"Ma non hai messo proprio ieri il tuo monthly log?" "Sì certo, ma oggi è nuovo giorno e il mio monthly log da oggi è questo!" La bellezza del Bullet Journal è che puoi cambiare esattamente quando e come vuoi. E ci vogliono 5 minuti per ricominciare da capo se vuoi. E io volevo. ✏ "But didn't you just put in your monthly log yesterday?" "Yes, of course, but today is a new day and my monthly log from today is this!" The beauty of the Bullet Journal is that you can change exactly when and how you want. And it takes 5 minutes to start over if you want. And I wanted to. #bulletjournaladdict #bulletjournaljunkies #bulletjournalss #bulletjournaling #bulletjournal #bulletjournalcommunity #bujoideas #bujoinspiration #bujonerd #bujomonthlylayout #bulletjournalideas #bulletjournalnewbie #bulletjournalmonthly #bulletjournalshowcase #minimalistbulletjournal #bulletjournalspread #discoverbulletjournal #minimalbujo #minimalistbujo
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It's MAY! 🌷 - May is my favorite month, maybe because it's my birthday month, but mostly because the weather usually starts being really nice. ☀️ Here's my Monthly Log for May. 🌸 What's your favorite month? 😊 - C'est le mois de MAI! 🌷 - Mai est mon mois préféré, peut-être parce que c'est le mois de ma fête, mais surtout parce que la température commence à être plus belle. ☀️ Voici mon Monthly Log pour le mois de mai. 🌸 Quel est votre mois préféré? 😊 - #bulletjournal #bullet #journal #bulletjournaling #bulletjournallove #bujoinspire #bujoinspo #bujobeauty #bujoideas #minimalistbujo #planwithme #bujoquebec #bujocanada #journaling #bujo #bulletjournaljunkies #bulletjournalcommunity #bujojunkies #bulletjournalfr #bujofr #bujogirl #leuchtturm1917 #showmeyourplanner #studygram #showmeyourbulletjournal #monboardie #monthlylog #monthly #may #spring
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There are of course different ways you can set up the monthly page in your bullet journal. My greatest tip is to stay true to yourself and what works for you. Do not be afraid to change your setup if it is not working anymore. That is the best thing about the bullet journal system, it is very forgiving. Once a layout doesn't work you can just alter or ditch it accordingly.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Which of the monthly page layout is/are your favorite/s?

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