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7 Ways To Spark Your Personal Growth


Today we’ll dive into the topic of personal growth. 

Personal growth is one’s journey to self-improvement. It is all about your strengths and weaknesses and as to how you will work on improving yourself. 

I’m very passionate about personal growth. I enjoy establishing routines and systems that will help me grow as a person. 

I think this whole desire to spark personal growth is what motivated me to talk about the topic freely on the blog. You’ll notice how recently I’ve been incorporating a lot of posts related to personal growth.

Anyway, here in this post I’ve gathered 10 ways to spark your personal growth. It is my desire that this list will motivate you to start your own personal growth journey as well. 

Let’s begin.

1. Read a book

Books provide so much personal growth to a person. For one it enhances your intelligence. It gives you more words to learn, more ideas to adapt and so on. Reading also makes you happier. Especially fiction books that help you travel as you read.

My reading habit lately has been to read one hour before work starts and read for another hour before bed. 

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2. Wake up early

A lot of personal growth can happen in the mornings. I am a living testament as to how establishing a morning routine helps in developing good habits. Wake up early and get yourself a head start for the day ahead.

Well-known personalities like Bill Gates and Tony Robbins swear by waking up early as a tool that gets them productively. 

Since quarantine began, I’ve been waking up at 5AM and it has been life changing to be honest. Keeping that habit gave me so much time to spend with God, do my morning pages and read. I used to dread waking up in the morning that early but I’m thankful I have been doing it so consistently now. 

If a complete night owl can transform to a morning person, you can do it!

3. Exercise

Being physically active is one of the known ways to spark your personal growth as well. Committing to a daily exercise will help you destress and keep you healthy which is very important nowadays. Try to search for easy exercises you can do online. There are a lot you can find on Instagram. A 15-minute sweat routine will help you a long way 

4. Journal

Journaling is such  a great way to gain self-awareness. Now that there’s just too much happening around us it’s such an amazing feeling to write down one’s thoughts at the end of the day or first thing in the morning. 

There’s really no right way when it comes to journaling. You can do it as freestyle as you can or use any journaling prompts you can find. By regularly jotting down your thoughts you will gain insights on your moods, your behavior and your overall growth as a person.

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5. Learn something new everyday

Spend time learning something new each day. Whether it be a new language, a new productivity tip, or a new skill related to your work. Learning and growth is always worth the time and money. Invest in yourself! 

There are a number of free online courses and webinars you can take to get started. Even videos on YouTube of people sharing their secrets to almost everything. There’s really no excuse not to learn with how advanced technology has become. 

6. Get a hobby

A hobby is an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure. Examples of hobbies include singing, dancing, playing an instrument, calligraphy, blogging, bullet journaling and so on.

I found this massive list of hobbies from Wikipedia you can check. 

Pursuing a hobby is such a great way to stretch what you currently know. It enhances you emotionally, mentally or depending on the hobby you choose, physically!

It’s a bonus when your hobby lets you earn money. This happens with me when it comes to blogging. It all started as a hobby and now it led me to earning some money. Although not as significant compared to what others earn, I am still grateful for how this hobby turned out to be a money-making pastime.

7. Set goals

Last but not definitely not the last is to set some goals. Goal setting is such a vital part when it comes to personal growth. Having goals helps you in so many ways. 

First, it makes you motivated for more. Now that you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish you get to plan your next actions toward that goal. Next, goals make you accountable. Because you are doing it mainly for you, it’s easy to take the responsibility for your actions. 

Goals are meant to be specific, measurable, attainable, relative and time-bound. Make sure you are keeping your goals that way. Having goals to work towards in life helps you stay on track to improving and growing as a person.


Personal growth is not an overnight activity. It involves continuous learning and re-learning. Growing your skills, improving self-awareness and having that boost of self-confidence. 


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