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How to Get Motivated When You Feel Lazy and Tired


So how do you get motivated when you feel lazy and tired?

I’ve had those feelings too. When all I want to do is to either sleep or watch another episode (or more) of a Netflix show. 

The feeling of being exhausted, stressed and burned out. 

And because I’ve always struggled with procrastination, I also constantly seek for tips that can help me get motivated again. Here are some of the most useful ways I’ve found to be helpful whenever I feel lazy or tired to act on my goals. 

A big brain dump

First on my list of tips is doing a big brain dump. I can’t even recall how many times this activity helped me in getting back on track with what I should be doing at the moment.

A brain dump is the act of getting all of your thoughts out of your head so you are able to focus on one idea at a time, and not have to worry about forgetting the other stuff. Source - HustletoStartup.

Creating a brain dump is simpler than you think. All you have to do is get a piece of paper and pen or open a new document on your computer. 

From then start dumping EVERY TASK, PROJECT or GOAL that’s been bothering you!

To make the brain dump more effective, try setting up a timer first. Give yourself only 25 minutes to fill in the doc. This way, you’ll surely get a gist of the tasks that matters to you the most. 

After you have your list, take a break and then go over your list once again. This time you will re-evaluate what you’ve written and put them in categories. Group together tasks according to their main topic - are they work? Personal goal? Blog task?

Next, break down the bigger projects you’ve written down to smaller, actionable items. Items you’ve listed such as starting a side hustle, investing in a mutual fund, and the like still have smaller tasks that need to get done before you can tag them as done. 

Lastly, pick a task you can do today, this week, this month or before 2020 ends. Highlight those items or put them in another list so you can finally deal with them. 

I find brain dumps to be therapeutic to be honest. I love when I can release what’s on my mind to paper. There’s a saying that what gets written, gets done and I’ve been a living testament of this one. 

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Clean your surrounding

I learned this tip from my mother who will constantly remind us to clean our surroundings para daw maaliwalas yung maging pakiramdam namin.

And it actually works. 

I feel like when what I see is chaos, I can’t seem to function. Not that I’ve mastered this whole cleaning and organizing, because I HAVE NOT.

But whenever I feel like procrastinating on my personal and work tasks, I set up a timer for 10 minutes and do a power clean in my room. I always get surprised as to how that 10 minutes of cleaning can change my mood. 

Take some time and declutter your work area, bedside or even your vanity so you can start fresh.

Have a Done List

This is opposite to the brain dump but almost as powerful as ever so you can get motivated when you feel lazy and tired. 

Unlike the brain dump where you write down what you have to do, the Done List is reserved for all the actual work you’ve actually accomplished. This is super motivational and will give you a sense of joy and pride.

I also adapt this before I start a new month, just creating a list of things I’ve completed before I move on to the goals, projects and to-do lists of the succeeding month.

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Watch Others’ Productivity Videos

I love watching others’ productivity videos. I enjoy learning from others and through video I find new productivity tools and tips that in turn help me to get motivated. 

Here are some of the best productivity videos I’ve found out that gets back into routine:

Tweak Your Routine

Another way to get motivated when you feel lazy and tired is to make small improvements on your day. This is a tricky tip but still worth trying. 

First, have an estimated view on how your day goes. What time you usually wake up, get dressed, go to work, after work, etc. 

Then, do a slight change in your routine. 

If you usually get up at 7AM, try setting your alarm for 30mins. earlier. And spend that early 30mins. with a brain dump or a list of things you’ve done. 

Go to bed an hour earlier and see if it helps you get a better feeling the next day. 

Spend 15mins. of your break time reading a book or blog you love. 

Find an easy at-home workout you can do before you take a bath.

Little tweaks to your routine such as above will act as small wins for the day that will you get motivated to do more. 

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Have a break

If all else fails to get you motivated then do this - HAVE A BREAK!

This may be your brain or body telling you it’s time to take a rest and not mind your to-do list at all. Nothing beats a good sleep or rest when it comes to motivation.

It’s okay to have a break, to not be in your zone all the time. When we feel too overwhelmed to even get up in our bed, it is crucial to take a pause and listen to what your inner self is telling you. 

Once you feel a tiny bit of motivation spark up, choose one from the tips above and let the domino effect happen. 

That’s it. Thank you for reading this post and I hope it helps you.


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