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Pinay's Guide on How To Be Blackhead-Free


Tired of blackheads?

Blackheads are small bumps that appear on your skin due to clogged hair follicles.

A lot more problems in the face may arise from clogged pores especially if you are someone who loves to put on makeup on a daily basis. 

Today I will be sharing some tips on how you can keep yourself blackhead-free. I will also recommend products that I have personally tried and tested in the past. 

Use an Exfoliating Cleanser

Exfoliating cleansers go deep in the skin and help eliminate the oil and other impurities blocking the surface of the skin. 


Aside from minimizing blackheads, regular exfoliation will also make your skin glow. It promotes faster cell turnover to reveal newer and healthier skin. It minimizes pores and helps giving you a brighter complexion.

How to best exfoliate your face?


First make sure that you only exfoliate 2-3 times a week. This is the recommended frequency to ensure your face still remains well-hydrated. Also you want to start with a clean face. Either you double cleanse or use your favorite facial wash before scrubbing the dirt and old dead skin off your face!

Try to use St. Ives Apricot Scrub, Asian Secrets Lulur Indonesian Whitening Scrub or the Nivea Deep Cleansing Mud Foam that also acts as a great cleanser.


A good steam does not only relax you but is also an effective way to open clogged pores. The steam helps soften up the top layer of the skin, releasing any trapped sebum and acne-causing acne bacteria.

There are many ways you can try steaming your face. 

  1. Take a basin with hot water then cover your head with a towel and lean it for 5 - 10 minutes. Make the water not on it's boiling point so you can avoid hurting yourself. 

  2. Use a hot damp towel and place the towel in your face for 5 - 10 minutes. Secure your hair in place so it doesn’t get in the way. Adjust the towel as well so it can cover your entire face.

  3. If you have a face steamer at home, use it. Plug it in and wait for a few minutes until it starts emitting steam. 

You can either put a mask right after the steam session or apply serum that can now go deeper in your face.


Another way you can get rid of blackheads is to use masks. Not the typical hydrating face masks but a blackhead removal mask which you often see as black in color and are peel-off.

Blackhead removal masks work by exposing your face to key ingredients helps dissolve the stubborn blackheads slowly. Thus, once you peel off the mask, most of the blackheads go along with it. 

Clay masks are widely known to help draw impurities when applied. Although it is a lot messier and requires washing the face afterwards it is still good and highly recommended for those who want smaller and tighter pores.

If you are looking for a mask to use after exfoliation or steaming, use purifying masks such as Beauty Buffet’s Refreshing Masks or these new masks from Watsons. Choose a mask that has salicylic acid (if you have a clay one better) and loosen the unimportant blackheads that are clogging your beautiful face. 

Extract the Right Way

Manual blackhead extraction is something commonly done by professionals but you can also do it yourself at home. The key here is to be very careful and take time in doing the extraction.

There are actually tools being sold in beauty stores that makes the process of getting rid of blackhead easier. There’s A'Bloom Natural BHA Blackhead Blaster which is a no pain blackhead (and whitehead) removal that comes in natural BHA sticks. It has a gentle and non-irritating formula that treats existing blackheads and prevents new one from forming! A-MAZ-ING!

You can also buy a blackhead removal tool either an extractor or a vacuum that can make you blackhead-free easily. 


Toners help to soothe and balance the skin. This is also a great way to prevent future blackheads. Try Nivea Refreshing Toner or Human Heart Nature Balancing Toner if you are on the budget and in a hunt of an everyday toner for your face routine.

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Blackhead free skin is achievable – it just needs little time and care. Get rid of blackheads by maintaining a healthy skincare routine. I hope the above tips help you have beautiful, smooth, and supple skin.

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