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Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

Hello and welcome to 2021! 

How are you doing? 

2020 was such a journey. Not just for me but for all of us. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, month by month, highlighting the noteworthy events of the year. 

January 2020

  • New Year’s Day Gala with the family (didn’t know this will be the last gala we’ll have together for the year).

  • Participated in the 2020 Prayer and Fasting

  • Had a dinner and movie night with my sisters

  • Had a reunion with my high school friends 

  • Attended the Leaders Convergence 2020

  • Spent time with my Coffee Monday Barkada - Cata, Joseph and Gio (also the last meet up we’ll have for 2020)

  • Joined Victory Makati Comms Ministry General Assembly


First gala of 2020 with the family. We went to Robinsons Magnolia

Reunion with my high school friends. This night was filled with countless high school memories, shared laughters and plans for the future! Super glad this happened before pandemic!

My Coffee Monday Barkada, the ever so present Joseph and Gio.
This was our last meet up since the pandemic happened.

I also had a lunch date with Cata

The dinner and movie night with my sisters! 

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February 2020

  • Victory Weekend of Jessa, one of my VG members

  • Attended Victory Makati’s Valentine’s Event entitled Save a Date: The Why, What and How of Dating

  • Got promoted! Hooray!!!

  • Went to Big Bad Wolf Books 2020 - Read here for my experience and book haul

  • Attended the Discipleship 2020 (this will the last on-site event I attended and volunteered at church for the year)

  • Visited Yoke Cafe of Ms. Mau

Victory Weekend of Jessa!

Attended the Valentine's event of Victory Makati

My Big Bad Wolf Books 2020 Experience

Visited Yoke Cafe. Meet my sisters in Christ!

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March 2020

  • Met my newest inaanak, SJ!

  • Celebrated Mama and Papa’s Wedding Anniversary

  • Spent the rest of March in isolation :/

My parents anniversary dinner!

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April 2020

  • Started volunteering for online Victory Makati church services

  • First family online bonding via Zoom :)

  • Launched The SavingsPinay Podcast! Listen Spotify or iTunes

Our first online Zoom meeting since enhanced community quarantine began

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May 2020

  • Reunion with college friends online via Zoom

  • Did an ECQ game night with my workmates

Reunion via Zoom with my college classmates!

First and last Zoom online game with my teammates at work!

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June 2020

  • Had a super short hair cut

  • Celebrated Father’s Day (my eldest sister who resides in Quezon City visited us)

Father's Day celebration with the fam!

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July 2020

  • Lola Conching’s death

  • Invited to be part of MakeSense Facebook Live Event 

Burial of my Lola Conching

Speaker Invitation for MakeSense Space In.

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August 2020

  • Living with my parents again (this month my parents went home at our house in preparation of moving to the province for good.

  • Reported to work again (first work at site since March)

  • Spent the long weekend at my sister’s place

Living with my parents again

First report on site!

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September 2020

  • Spent a date with Nica to celebrate her birthday

  • Spent almost two weeks at my sister’s place again

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October 2020

  • Celebrated Belle’s Send-off

  • Spent another weekend at my sister’s place! 

Belle's send off party

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November 2020

  • Celebrated my 27th Birthday

  • Hosted Victory Makati’s Money Matters CommuniTeam

  • Launched my very first paid product - The Budget Template

  • Spent a Saturday with my high school friends at Breakfast at Antonio’s

  • Celebrated my younger sister’s birthday

Celebrating my 27th Birthday

Spent a Saturday lunch with my high school friends at Breakfast at Antonio's

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December 2020

So here are the events and highlights of my December 2020.

Vacation at Cavite

We spent the first week of December at my brother’s house in Cavite. My parents really wanted to do this especially because they will be going to the province for good soon. Life at Cavite was really simple and I did enjoy my stay there. 

Christmas and New Year Celebration 2020

We celebrated both Christmas and New Year 2020 at my eldest sister’s condo in Viera Residences. We had a simple feast together and enjoyed the fireworks display at the veranda of my sister.

Happy New Year from the Glino Fam!

UP Diliman Stroll with the Family

The next day we strolled UP Diliman Sunken Garden just to continue the yearly tradition of going out as a family on the first day of the new year. However, this year we are not complete. 

New Year will always be my favorite holiday. I am blessed to have my family with me to celebrate. 2019 went by really fast. My prayer is to enjoy 2020 as it is. No matter what it may bring.

Here are the rest of my year-end recaps:







Cheers everyone!


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