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My 2024 Minimalist Bullet Journal Set Up

I'm excited to share with you a walkthrough of my simple and minimalist bullet journal for 2024. It's always helpful to see how others organize their thoughts and tasks, so I hope this can inspire you in some way. Feel free to check out my previous setups below for even more bullet journal inspiration!






My planning system for 2024 involves utilizing multiple notebooks, here’s how it looks:

  1. A minimalist bullet journal for yearly planning,

  2. A separate planner for blog and business; and

  3. A journal to serve as both my diary and spiritual journal

Today’s post will focus on my minimalist bullet journal set up.

What should be included in your 2024 Bullet Journal?

If you're looking to add more pages to your minimalist bullet journal, there are plenty of options available.

A typical minimalist bullet journal might include pages for tracking habits, mood, or gratitude, as well as pages for planning out your week or month.

Whether you're looking to streamline your productivity or simply want to get more organized, a minimalist bullet journal can be a great tool to help you achieve your goals.

A typical minimalist bullet journal includes the following pages:

  • Title Page

  • Index Page

  • Future Log

  • Monthly Log

  • Weekly Log

  • Daily Log

You can also add your own collection pages like goals for 2024, books you want to read, favorite memories, and many more.

If you need more inspiration, you can check these minimalist bullet journal accounts I follow.

Now that we have that mentioned here are the pages on my 2024 minimalist bullet journal.

Word of the Year

In the world of bullet journaling, choosing a Word of the Year has become quite popular. The concept is to pick a word that captures the essence of your intentions for the upcoming year. For me, my Word of the Year was "CONSISTENCY".

I’m all about taking small, consistent actions every day to achieve my goals. By being consistent, I know I will develop good habits, and these habits become second nature over time.

How about you, what could be your Word of the Year this 2024?

2024 Year in Pixels

I have decided to try out a Year in Pixels for the first time in 2024! After seeing it on other bullet journal enthusiasts' pages, I thought it would be a great idea to incorporate into my own journaling practice.

For those who are not familiar, a Year in Pixels is a simple yet effective way to keep track of your moods throughout the year. It involves creating a grid of 365 boxes, each representing a day of the year. Then, using a key of colors or symbols, you can fill in each box with the corresponding mood you felt that day.

I am looking forward to seeing how this practice will help me reflect on my emotions and patterns throughout the year. Plus, it will be a fun and creative addition to my minimalist bullet journal!

2024 Intentions

In addition to choosing a Word of the Year, creating a page to list down your intentions for the year is a great way to stay motivated and focused.

By dedicating a page in your bullet journal to your intentions, you can expand on your Word of the Year and create a roadmap for achieving your goals.

Intentions are different from goals in that they focus more on how you want to feel and be rather than what you want to achieve. Intentions are more like resolutions that guide your actions and decisions throughout the year.

For example, if your intention is to live a more intentional and mindful life, you might set goals that align with that intention, such as meditating daily, reading more books, or spending more time in nature.

On my 2024 Intentions I answered the following prompts:

  • What I want to accomplish at the end of the year

  • What could I use more in my life

  • What could I use less in my life

  • Three habits I want to have this year

  • Three feelings I want to feel

  • Main areas of my life I want to be intentional

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2024 Goals

To ensure that I achieve my overall goals for 2024, I have created a detailed goals page that helps me track my progress in various areas of my life. The page is thoughtfully organized into different categories, such as Spiritual/Faith, Personal, Financial, Blog and Business, Relationship, Health and Fitness, and Work.

This approach helps me stay focused and motivated throughout the year. I have taken care to set realistic goals for myself in each category, so that I can make steady progress towards achieving my aspirations.

2024 Finances

I decided to take my financial goals a step further this year by creating a dedicated page in my bullet journal. On this page, I've included some powerful money affirmations to help me stay motivated and focused on my financial goals.

Additionally, I've also made a list of my needs and wants that I plan to purchase by 2024. This way, I can keep track of my expenses and prioritize my spending accordingly.

2024 Reading Journal Pages

I am all about becoming a better reader this 2024. To stay organized and motivated, I decided to start a simple reading journal. Here are the different pages I included to keep track of my progress:

  • My 2024 Reading Goals
    This page outlines my overall reading goals for the year, including the number of books I want to read, books I want to re-read, and books that have been gathering dust on my bookshelf that I want to finish.

  • A Book Tracker
    This page acts as a dashboard to see how many books I've already read. I've color-coded it to make it more visually appealing - orange for physical books and pink for e-books.

  • A Reading Tracker
    This page is where I can log my progress on a daily basis. All I have to do is highlight a box on the days that I read, regardless of the number of pages.

  • A Reading Stat
    This page I have a summary of my reading stats for the year, including the number of books read, total number of pages, and average rating. It's a great way to see my progress at a glance.

  • Series and Author Tracker
    This page helps me keep track of the different series I'm reading and the authors I'm following, I have a series and author tracker page. This helps me remember which books I've read and which ones I still need to read.

  • 2024 Books Read
    This page is dedicated to the books I've read in 2024. Here, I can keep track of the author, title, and rating of the books I've read.

Habits Tracker

Part of my goals for 2024 is to create better habits so I knew I needed a page to track the daily habits I want to achieve.

I laid out all the months of the year and added the habits that I want to achieve on a daily basis, which include Journaling, Devotion, Reading, Exercise, Skincare, and Supplements. This way, I can easily monitor my progress and stay motivated to continue building these habits throughout the year.

That’s it for my 2024 bullet journal set up.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you start a bullet journal in the middle of month?

One of the great things about the bullet journal system is how forgiving it is. Even if you're in the middle of the month, you can still start your own bullet journal. I recommend starting with the basics: a monthly log and a weekly log.

On your monthly log, you can list some goals and to-do items you want to accomplish before the month ends. This can help you stay focused and motivated throughout the month.

In your weekly log, you can break down some of your monthly tasks and prioritize what you want to accomplish in the upcoming week. This is also a great place to add any recurring tasks, such as meal planning, work meetings, or cleaning. By doing this, you can stay on top of your responsibilities and improve your productivity.

Do you have a bullet journal set up for 2024?

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