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Product Hype: Bench Paintbox Lipstick in Wild Berry

Can we just talk about how great the lipstick line of Bench Paintbox is???

Well, have you ever been to Bench lately? You might want to check out their cosmetic section. Honestly, i just go to Bench to check their cosmetic line because i have been a big fan since day one. I love the packaging before for its sooo girly and sophisticated but i am in love more now for its black and firm looking.

In my Collective Haul video i mentioned that i purchased one shade from their newly packaged lipstick line. I got the Wild Berry which is an awesome berry red color perfect to make impression.

The whole name of the line is Paintbox Nutriahine Lipstick for it has Vitamin E and SPF 15. Isn't that amazing?!

I just fell in love with the black packaging though i do miss the glass one too.

This is for 188pesos only and i have been using it since i got it. It gives nice intensity on the lips and highly moisturizing. I will usually put some on my fingertips and just dab on my lips for natural look but when i want pigmentation i will use it straight. It is blendable and it lasts long which is amazing. I am also in love witht he fact that the longer is stays on my lips the more beautiful the color pay off becomes.

Such an awesome lipstick and i just can't wait to buy more. I checked the shade Urban Red and i might buy early February. :)

That's it when worn. Its just gorgeous red that's not too overwhelming in the eyes.

Hope you can visit Bench and try out their lipstick line. Happy Friday everyone!!!

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