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IzzaShares: My Acne Story (Tagiyawat Battle at mga Ginamit ko Para Gumaling)

If you are battling with acne now then this video is for you. I hope watching my acne story video will inspire you that there is still hope and that there are several ways you can clear and lighten the acne marks.

I suffered acne during my sophomore years in college and i am telling you, "It's not easy." Getting comments like "Anung nagyari sa mukha mo?" and "Hala, ba't ang dami mong tagiyawat!" has been an day to day line i will overhear or get.

But thank God, i found my way to rule over acne and get over it. Now, i am just maintaining everything using products i have tried and tested. I hope you will watch and share the video!!!

Products i use:

  • Safeguard White
  • HBC Glycerine soap
  • Celeteque Moisturizer
  • Kojie San soap
  • Jason Aloe Vera moisturizer @ Healthy Options
  • St. Ives Apricot Scrub
  • Belo Whitening Toner
  • Cetaphil

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