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IzzaShares: The Lovely Bones Book Review

Yo, everyone!!! I know, i know.... I've been gone for a week. In my last Youtube video I've mentioned that I was sick during the filming and unfortunately that said week became a sick week for me.

Anyways the good thing about that is i got to enjoy reading a book while having coffee. Yay!!! I also ended up making notes and plans for this blog that i am very excited to do this coming week.

As the title says, i am going to review in this blog post the book The Lovely Bones. This has been a film adaptation before and I had watched it already. But there's something about the film that gives me the idea of reading the book. I remember the famous quote I heard, "Don't judge the book by its movie!" Haha.

The Lovely Bones is the story of 14-year old girl Susie Salmon, who on a night of Christmas season was raped and murdered halfway the school ground where she goes to school by a neighbor named Mr. Harvey.

The twist of the story is Susie's body wasn't found since Mr. Harvey is n experienced lady killer. He chopped Susie's body, placed her in an old safety box and went to a nearby sinkhole in their place and dropped her.

The story revolves about how Susie's death changed the people around the neighborhood. It gives you a glipse of what happen to the deads (though the book is fictional) and how the people alive cope up to grief. The thing that i like too with the book is that Mr. Harvey's charater was explained. Who he is and why he became a murderer.

The book is so haunting. It is in Susie's point of view so as you read it you became Susie herself. You will feel the drama, the tension and the happiness all in one. Ruth's character stood out rather than the film so is Buckley and Lindsey ( Susie's siblings). It is also nice that the book detailed what happened to Susie and to others whom Mr. Harvey killed though what i like about the movie is the tension when Lindsey went to Mr. Harvey's bedroom to find out an evidence in her suspicion that it was him who killed Susie. The book doesn't give much justice on that scene whereas in the movie it was one of my favorite scene.

PS. In the book, Susie and Ray made love to each other through Ruth's body.
Pps. In the book, there was this boy named Samuel who Lindsey end up with and they had a child named Suzzane.

Thank you for reading my post. I bought thw book from Book for Less and it was 99pesos buy 1 take 1.

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