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Bench Paintbox Nail Polish

Happy late night blogging everyone!!! I uploaded a collective video on my Youtube channel and one of the things i recently purchased are two Paintbox nail polish from Bench. I have been a fan of Paintbox for a long time and you might have read my post about a haul from them but it was only this week that i found out that they are actually selling nail polishes.

The Paintbox nail polishes comes in a wide variety of colors. There's the frosted and the matte collection so i picked one color for each. It says in the label that it has vegan formula which i find one of a kind. It looks small in the front but when you see the side you will notice that it has a lot of product inside.

The colors i picked up are Butter Rhum from the frosted collection and Carribean Blue from the matte collection. The price is 58pesos for each nail polish.

The quality is great and i love how it has huge selection of color. I am also happy because the price is reasonable. I used the Carribean Blue as my nail color for this week. The color payoff is great and it dries really fast. 

That's it for my blogpost. Thank you for reading. :) 

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