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My Style Inspirations

I haven't had any share of my style inspirations for awhile. I think it is nice to have style inspirations. You get to feel that the looks will suit you and who you are as a dresser though there are styles and outfit ideas that contradicts the Philippine weather. (sad face) I wish dressing up here in our country will be more free of judgement and doubts. When you can dress whatever you want and no one will care about your business. HAHA.

Anyways here are my top fashion outfit inspirations as part of my  Random Mondays series.
This is so me!!!!! And i will definitely dress this up!!!

This is a so so me though i love the right most outfit so much.

Very classic and casual style! Love it!


Now that the weather here in the Philippines is getting colder than expected, this is a great OOTD.

So those are my top picks!!! I will be blogging an OOTD by Wednesday and expect that it will be inspired from one of the outfits in this post. Happy Monday!!!

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